Last year we saw the launch of ClickFunnels and it’s popularity soared. They became the #1 preferred lead magnet generation tool because they provided marketers with a tested and proven way of effectively capturing and converting leads into paying customers. Since then, they have continued to grow in popularity and now boast over a million users. Their success is mainly down to their minimal design ethos and user-friendly functionality.

It’s fair to say that ClickFunnels have developed a solid reputation for themselves and their product. Now, they are set to expand into another area of online marketing by integrating with a tool that is set to become very popular: ActiveCampaign. Let’s take a closer look at how this integration will work and the benefits that come with it.

Integrating With ActiveCampaign

If you’re already an ActiveCampaign customer, then congratulations! You’ll be able to take full advantage of this integration. If, however, you’re looking to start a marketing campaign using the power of leads generated by ActiveCampaign, then you might want to consider trying out ClickFunnels.

There are a few reasons why integrating with ClickFunnels is beneficial for your business. To begin with, you’ll be able to gain access to an entire audience of potential customers that may not have even heard of your company. Having a recognizable brand name in place of an unwieldy long URL will make it much easier for visitors to discover your website and engage with your content. Moreover, with numerous integrations available, you can customize your experience and determine which ones work best for your business.

ActiveCampaign Leads Are A Perfect Match For

Due to their reputation for building trusted, long-term relationships with their customers, we can probably assume that ActiveCampaign leads are pretty good at matching with other marketing tools, such as a salesperson or a sales script. This makes it simple for you to find the leads you need in order to fill your pipeline without having to worry about the quality of the data or the conversion rate.

For example, if you’re using outbound marketing to generate leads for your business, you’ll likely have access to a huge pool of potential customers. You could use an integration with a marketing automation platform, like HubSpot, to identify the ones most likely to buy your product or service. Once you’ve filtered down your list, it’s easy for you to call out to them directly using inbound marketing.

How Do You Get Started With This Integration?

If you’re interested in integrating with ClickFunnels, all you need to do is contact their support team. Alternatively, you can click the button below to get started immediately. Just make sure that you’re logged into your account first. After you’ve done that, you can use the button above to connect with their support team. They will walk you through the process of getting set up and integrating your accounts.

Once you’ve done that, you can start using the powerful tool that is ClickFunnels to build out your marketing strategy.