In a nutshell, survey answers are simply that; answers to short surveys. The most common type of survey is the “multiple choice” type, where you are given a list of options and asked to pick one (1).

The problem with traditional survey answers is that they don’t allow for further interaction. Once you click “submit,” that’s it! The interaction window closes and you are presented with a score. While this is useful in some instances, most people find it frustrating because there’s no way to tell how they’re doing until the end.

Thankfully, there are other options. One of the newer services that is making waves because of its innovative approach to surveys is Clickfunnels. In this article, we will highlight how you can add a score to a survey answer in Clickfunnels so you can see how you’re doing right away.

Adding a Score to a Survey Answer in Clickfunnels

If you’re using Clickfunnels, one of the first things you’ll notice is how interactive the platform is. By comparison, most other survey platforms are fairly static, where the only interaction you have is navigating through the survey and clicking “submit.”

The click of a button is all it takes to add your answer. You’ll see scores next to each answer.

What this means for you is you can actually interject with your answer by clicking on it and making some changes. For example, if you think the answer is wrong, you can click on it and change your mind.

Let’s say you’re doing a survey about the best types of beers to drink in different climates. Your answer might be “India pale ale” (IPA), but you think it’s incorrect because there are no cold climates where IPAs are produced. To change your mind, you can click on that response and add a comment such as, “This is definitely not the case; you should try Red Rocket India Pale Ale from Newcastle Brewing Company instead.”

This is just one example of how you can have a real-time survey response and add a score to it. The beauty of this system is it encourages people to participate because they want to earn feedback. Moreover, the instant gratification of seeing your score alongside your answer is extremely motivating.

Why Is Adding A Score Important?

When you add a score to a survey answer, it shows the person who is doing the survey that you reviewed your answer and thought it was correct. Moreover, you can give an estimate of how correct you thought the answer was. For example, if you’re given the option of selecting between “slightly correct,” “correct,” and “very correct,” you can add a score for that option.

This is big because it takes the guesswork out of survey results. With a traditional survey, you don’t know if your answer was right or wrong because there is no way to tell without seeing the overall results. This can lead to all kinds of issues. For example, if you get an unexpected result, you could guess wrong and end up doing or saying the wrong thing. Not to mention, there’s the discomfort of not knowing what the right answer is until the end.

With a score attached, you can see right away whether or not you got the right answer. Moreover, you can quickly determine which answers are correct and which ones are incorrect so you can alter your input accordingly.

How Many Scores Should You Have?

This is closely tied to why adding a score to a survey answer is important; you can add as many scores as you want for a given answer. Moreover, you can see the scores for all of your answers in your dashboard and make sure you’re staying on track. If you want to add a score for an answer that you already submitted, use the back button on your web browser to get back to the answer and click “edit” next to it. To add another score, just click “edit” next to the answer you want to change.

What Should You Call Your Score?

Survey answers are only worth something if you know what to do with them. To that end, you can call your score anything you want. The most common practice is to name it something that will remind you of the purpose of the score. For example, if you’re doing a survey about the best types of beers to drink in different climates, you might name your score after one of the options you selected because you think it’s the best match for the purpose of the survey.

Regardless of what you call it, knowing how to add a score to a survey answer in Clickfunnels will make your life a lot easier when participating in online surveys. Just remember to add your score only to those answers you think are correct because if you add your score to an incorrect answer, it will not add any value and may even put you in the wrong.