A few months ago, I was helping a customer figure out the best way to build a customized website that looked great, loaded quickly, and had the functionality they needed. One of the things we talked about was how important it was to have a seamless user experience across all devices (mobile, tablet, and desktop). They had used one of the many content editors on the market to put together some initial content for their website, but they wanted to take it one step further and integrate an opt-in form on their website which would allow them to collect email addresses of people who were interested in receiving exclusive offers and information from them.

After looking at a few different solutions, they decided to go with ClickFunnels since it provided all the functionality they needed and allowed them to build a beautiful website with a form in less than 10 minutes.

Why ClickFunnels?

When creating a new website, one of the big decisions that needs to be made is what online platform to use. There are many great options out there like Squarespace, WIX, and HubSpot, but when it comes to functionality, speed, and security, ClickFunnels is the clear standout.

Let’s explore why…

Why is functionality so important?

If you’re reading this, I assume that you’re either an entrepreneur, an executive, or a business owner who is looking for ways to grow your business.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to create a website, you need to think about how you want the platform to function and be able to integrate with other apps and systems you may already be using (like email marketing tools, CRMs, etc.).

When choosing a website builder, it’s important to look at how easy it is to use and understand, and whether or not the interface is simple to learn and accessible to everyone.

The last thing you need is to hire someone who knows nothing about website design or builds your site completely wrong (which could potentially break things or cause errors).

Before you make your decision, spend some time to learn about the different features each platform has to offer and how each one functions. This will help you determine the best solution for your needs.

How does functionality matter when it comes to user experience?

User experience is one of the main focuses of every company, agency, and organization that creates websites. It’s all about designing and building something that is easy to understand and accessible to everyone — regardless of experience. To put it simply, the last thing you want to do is create a site that is difficult for your target audience to use.

When someone submits a form on your site, they should have the perfect UX in mind and feel confident that what they’re doing is easy and accessible. If you want to learn more, here are a few great resources to help create the perfect user experience: