You wake up one day, decide you want to write an ebook and decide to put it online for free. You go through the trouble of formatting and figuring out how to market and sell your free ebook. You spend a good deal of time doing this. Then you post it on the internet, thinking it will be easy for people to find. After all, this is the information they are searching for.

It takes time for the word to get around. But eventually, someone clicks on your free ebook and buys it. And then you get a small fee. A moderate fee, even.

This was the story of Bo Jackson, an American Football star and Olympic athlete. He was known for his huge appetite and his incredible body. After his death in 2010, people started remembering his remarkable life and decided to pay tribute. So they wrote ebooks about Bo Jackson, his career, habits, and more. And they gave them away for free on various websites. In one week, the week of August 18th to August 24th, 2018, the ebook Bo Jackson: An American Football Legend was downloaded over 50,000 times. And in less than a month, it was downloaded over 70,000 times. One of the largest digital gift-giving periods on record. This is the power of the ebook as a gift.

The Growth Of Online Book Giving

The ebook is a humble gift-giver compared to some of the other digital gifts available. But even in this current world of ours, where people are wary of giving their credit card details to online retailers, the ebook continues to shine.

In an age where people are more likely to stay at home, lonely, and want to be entertained. When you combine the allure of a carefully curated digital library with the power of the internet. The ebook takes on a life of its own.

The growth of online book giving shouldn’t come as a great surprise. It’s the natural progression of ebooks and the internet. The digital revolution gave birth to a world full of possibilities. One of the more prominent possibilities is giving and receiving gifts online. It’s a great way to brighten someone’s day. And it’s a great way to promote a book, or any product for that matter.

Ebooks As A Medium

Let’s be honest, the ebook doesn’t exactly inspire awe. It’s a humble, digital version of a printed book. Which is already archaic and uncommon. You don’t get the luxury of displaying beautiful pages and a physical connection to the author. You get a tiny bit of information stored on a device you own. It’s really not a great advertisement for the printed book, or for that matter, the author.

This is why the ebook is a humble gift-giver. Because it’s easy to underestimate the power of a humble gift. Especially when it comes to the internet and social media.

The humble ebook gets under the skin of the receiver. It speaks to their intellect and imagination. Their mind wanders as they turn the tiny pages, trying to piece together the jumbled bits of information. For someone who is busy and always on the move. The ebook is a welcome gift, and one that they will value and remember.

Gift-giving In Today’s World

Let’s not kid ourselves, the ebook is not going to be the saving grace of literature and authors. It’s not even close. But it does have the potential to be a lifeline for some. Those that are unable to afford the luxury of a printed book. Or for some, those that want to support but don’t know where to start.

There are a variety of pitfalls for the unwary. One of the biggest is giving the wrong ebook. Maybe you meant to send a copy of War and Peace. Or perhaps you meant to send a copy of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Both of which are fantastic books, and both of which are terribly expensive. So you might want to steer clear of them. Especially since the receiver doesn’t know which one they’re receiving.

There’s also the issue of what to download. Most people have a few books they’ve been meaning to read. But they never get around to it. Because they don’t know where to start. This is why it’s a great idea to send a curated list of your favorites. These are the books you’ve been waiting for. The books you know deserve a place on your shelf. And since you’ve found a way to send them for free. You might as well order a few more.

Gifting is about more than just sending a present. It’s about adding a small touch of humanity to a device that can otherwise be so cold and impersonal. The receiver doesn’t have to appreciate the fact that you’ve sent them a gift, they just have to appreciate that you thought of them. And that you took the time to find something that suits their needs. When they open up their gift, they will feel a connection to you. And that connection is priceless.