Amazon offers a feature known as “Inventory Optimization” which can assist small businesses with keeping track of their products and ensuring they always have stock available for their customers. When a product is purchased on Amazon, that inventory is considered “in-demand’.” As an Amazon seller, whenever you have in-demand inventory, you’re able to take advantage of the demand and potentially earn better margins. In addition, keeping track of your inventory and managing procurement is made easier due to software that can be integrated with your Amazon account. This can free up time to focus on other areas of your business.

For ClickFunnels to take advantage of this feature, they would need to purchase a license from Amazon. Even then, you’d need to have an established Amazon business with a presence in the U.S. If this sounds like a lot of work, not really. According to Amazon, getting started with Amazon Inventory is “very easy” and mostly consists of setting up a dashboard and connecting your bank account.

A Quick Review Of ClickFunnels’ Features

If you’re already familiar with ClickFunnels, you’ll know that it’s a marketing platform designed to make the process of launching a new product or expanding an existing one as easy and streamlined as possible. It’s made the process transparent and helped thousands upon thousands of businesses around the world to effectively market and sell their products online.

One of the things that make ClickFunnels different from other platforms is the user-friendliness of the interface. Not only does it make the software very intuitive to use but it also allows even non-techies to get up and running quickly.

As a small business owner or marketer, you’ll quickly discover that having all the right information at your fingertips is beneficial. The team at ClickFunnels have built the platform around this theory and have made significant efforts to ensure that all the information a business owner needs is readily available and easy to understand. Having all this information means you gain a better understanding of your customers’ behavior, what activities are driving the most revenue, and how you can effectively optimize your marketing efforts to grow your business.

How Does This Affect My Business?

If you’re concerned about whether or not Amazon will approve of your activities related to selling on their platform, then this information should allay your worries. You’re not going to run into any trouble because you’re not doing anything that would be considered unlawful. Only Amazon employees and contractors are able to access this information and even they need to follow strict protocols.

If you’re a smaller or medium-sized business, you might not need all the advanced features that ClickFunnels provides. You can get by just fine with the basics. However, if you’re looking for a robust and feature-filled platform, you might want to consider another option.

What Is My ROI?

Another important aspect to consider when reviewing any marketing platform is how much you’re actually benefitting from the platform itself. With most businesses spending a large sum of money each month on advertising and other marketing efforts, you want to be sure that you’re actually getting the results you’re looking for. This is where calculating your return on investment (ROI) can be helpful. Just keep in mind that this is not an exact science and it can vary from month to month depending on a number of factors.

With the information collected from Amazon, you’re able to see how much money you’ve spent versus how much you’ve made. In the end, this will assist you in determining the effectiveness of your efforts and whether or not continuing with the same strategy is worth it.

Inventory Optimization is definitely a useful tool for Amazon sellers who want to be able to effectively manage their inventory and increase their profit margins. With all the benefits that clickFunnels provides, it’s easy to understand why so many businesses enjoy working with this platform. If you’re interested in giving it a try, visit this special link and get started with Amazon Inventory today!