One of the most frustrating things when running a business is trying to track the money coming in and going out. You set up a payment form and customer clicks on the ‘buy now’ button, but you have no idea where the sale actually went. This can lead you down some pretty costly administrative paths. With Clickfunnels, you can take a simple payment form and integrate it into your business website in a matter of minutes. It could save you a lot of time and money, not to mention the aggravation of trying to keep track of separate sets of books.

Set Up the Basic Form

The first step is to set up a very basic sales form based on the Stripe payment form. Go to Dashboard from your Clickfunnels account and scroll down to the Payment Forms section. From there, you can simply click on the Add Payment Form button to get started. You’ll see a form appear on your page. Give it a name like ‘Pay with PayPal’ and click on the Save button.

This will create a very basic Stripe-like form based on what you just selected. You don’t have to worry about any customization at this point as the form will automatically update itself based on your settings. Give it a try by going to Settings and inputting your email address into the form.

Style the Form

You can style the form by going to Form from your dashboard and clicking on the edit button next to the form you just created. This will bring up the form HTML code. From there, you can style the form with CSS by clicking on the Source CSS tab and inputting some basic CSS code into the textarea. You can also upload a custom background image to go along with the styled form.

When you’re done, just click on the Save button and you’re done! Now, when a customer clicks on the ‘Pay with PayPal’ button on your site, they will be sent to the PayPal website to make their payment. You can then follow the prompts on the PayPal page to get the payment processed and received in your account.

Get Paid Once the Customer Completed the Form

When the customer makes the payment, you’ll receive an email confirmation from PayPal. Once you’ve verified the payment, you can click on the Refund button on the following page to get the payment processed and returned to the original buyer’s account. From there, you can manually process the refund or send the customer an email letting them know their payment was processed. This is a fairly standard process for a payment form implemented with Clickfunnels.

The Results

When you’ve been running a business for a while, you start seeing patterns in the types of payments you receive. One of the most popular ways to make payments is via Stripe. Having a Stripe account and implementing a payment form with Clickfunnels is very easy. You can then follow the simple instructions to get paid once the customer completed the form.

Integrating a payment form into your business website should not be that difficult. Having the ability to track money coming in and going out as it happens is something that many businesses find invaluable. This is why many businesses choose to use a CRM like Salesforce to keep track of all their finances.