You can use a tool like Clickfunnels to create a landing page for any product or service. It’s a tool that allows you to setup a free trial (or other available options) as well as allows you to create simple thank you pages. It also gives you tools for email marketing and more!

Getting started with Clickfunnels is easy. Just go to and click on the Get Started button.

This will take you to a page where you can create a free account. You can select a personal or business email address, a display name, and create a password. If you have a website or product that you want to promote, you can create a product (like a landing page or squeeze page) to do so.

Add a Subdomain to Your Product

After you’ve created your product, you can use the Domain Manager to add a subdomain to your product. For example, if you created a squeeze page for, you can add to your list of available domains.

This way, any time someone clicks on, they’ll be taken to the product’s landing page.

Use Email Templates In Your Campaigns

After you’ve added a subdomain to your product, you can use the Email Templates feature to create awesome email campaigns for your products. For example, if you want to notify your new subscribers about an event or update, you can use email templates to do so.

The great thing about email templates is that you can use automated email software like Amber to send out email campaigns. So, instead of having to build out an entire email campaign and send it manually, you can use email templates to do so.

Use Dynamic Content In Your Templates

One of the things that makes email templates so great is that you can use dynamic content (content that changes based on what’s available in your template) in them. So, instead of having to manually enter content into your template, you can use resources like WordPress and Google to pull in content and put it into your email template.

This content is then chilled out and the results are beautiful email campaigns.

You can use almost any CMS to create your static page(s). Just be sure that the CMS you use allows for subdomains.

Create Thank You Pages For Your Free Trials

After your free trial, you can use the Thank You Page to create a simple thank you page for your trial users. This page can be accessed by anyone who has gone through the trial process (and is logged in) to find out more about your product.

A thank you page doesn’t have to be super fancy. You can use Stripe to create a simple thank you page using their mobile app. All you need to do is install the plugin on your WordPress site and add a thankyou script to your page.

WordPress is the most popular CMS and there’s a great free WordPress community edition that you can use for this purpose. Plus, you can always use a service like 1shoppingcart to create an online shop along with dropshipping to sell any product.

Use Email Marketing To Grow Your Business

Depending on what kind of product you sell, you can use email marketing to grow your business. Just be sure to use a tool like MailChimp to create and send out your email campaigns. Nowadays, most businesses use email marketing because it’s so effective (and free).

When someone signs up for your email list, you can use the MailChimp platform to collect their email address (or other relevant details) and then, using that information, you can send out email marketing to promote your product or service.

You can use email marketing to grow your business, but you must have a solid strategy in place before you begin your campaign. Just ensure that you send out quality email marketing and that you use a tool like MailChimp to do so.

Make Sure To Measure The Results Of Your Campaigns

You can’t grow your business without measuring the results of your campaign. That’s why, after you’ve created your email template, you should open a Google Analytics account (

Within Google Analytics, you’ll find Analytics, which you can use to track the results of your email campaigns. When you signed up for Google Analytics, you provided them with a tracking ID. This is a unique code that you can use to track any traffic that comes from your email campaigns.

Just use this code whenever you send out an email and then immediately afterwards, you can open up a new analytics report to check the results of your email campaign. You can then use the report to track the growth of your business.

Getting started with Clickfunnels is easy, but putting it into practice and making it work for your business can be difficult. That’s why you should take the time to think through each step of what you plan to do and then create a strategy to do so. With a little bit of effort, you can utilize the many features of Clickfunnels to create a solid foundation for your business.