Many businesses use online forms to gather information from potential customers. A form can be as simple as “Name” or “Email Address” or contain hundreds of questions. Forms are a popular way to interact with customers and provide them with value. However, forms can be difficult to design and create, and customers often leave them unfinished since they consider them hard to use.

You can make a form much easier to use for your customers by adding tags. A tag is just a piece of text that describes or identifies a certain piece of content. For example, perhaps you want to add “Sign up for our newsletter” as a tag for a form so that you can identify the form when someone clicks on it.

Make Use Of The Tags Feature

One of the simplest ways to add tags to a form in ClickFunnels is to simply type the label you want to assign, such as “Sign up for our newsletter”, before each form element.

If you enter “Sign up for our newsletter” as the value for the first name field, then every time someone enters their first name, the name “Sign up for our newsletter” will be added as a tag for that specific field.

You can add one tag per field by entering the label before the field. However, you can add more than one tag by separating them with a comma. If you add the tags “Sign up for our newsletter” and “Submit” to the above form, then when someone clicks on “Sign up for our newsletter”, their browser will also be directed to the “Submit” page because both tags have the same value, “Sign up for our newsletter”.

The Benefits Of Adding Tags To A Form

One of the main reasons business owners prefer to add tags to their forms is to give the forms a more interesting look. If a form has a bunch of text fields and not a whole lot else, then adding tags can make it appear more appealing to the eye because it will catch the attention thanks to its uniqueness. A form with no tags looks like any other boring form and may cause the user to click away without completing it. Or, at the very least, it will make them wonder what the point of that form was.

Giving a form tags makes it more interesting visually and makes the user engage with it more because, well, it’s different. When a user encounters a form with no tags, it will not have the same effect as a form with some tags. A form with no tags is simply an unappealing form compared to a form with tags. For the sake of your business, you should give every form you create a few tags.

How To Add Tags To A Form In ClickFunnels

To add tags to a form in ClickFunnels, simply click on the form area in your account then click on “Edit form” at the top of the page. From there, you can either add tags individually or in bulk by clicking the “Add tags” button at the bottom of the page. Doing this in bulk is much more practical and saves you the time to manually add tags to each individual form.

When you add tags to a form in ClickFunnels, the form will appear in a new window or on a new page. When you click on it, you will see the form with the added tags.

Final Word

Adding tags to a form in ClickFunnels is a simple way to make it more interesting and user-friendly. If a form is difficult to use or looks dull, then adding tags can make it more appealing to the eye. In addition, you can also make forms look more professional by adding tags because they can be used to create unique identifiers for individual fields. The more you know, the more you can use! Always consider your customer’s experience when creating new forms.