Apple Pay has finally arrived, and it’s changed how we’ll all behave online. Gone are the days of swiping a card and hoping that everything runs smoothly. With Apple Pay, you simply hold your phone next to the terminal, and your payment will be processed instantly. Here’s how to make Apple Pay work for your online business.

Set Up An Apple Pay Account

To get started, you need an Apple Pay account. You can make one directly from the Apple website, or you can download the Apple Pay app from the App Store. Once you have your account set up, you can deposit funds into it using the web browser on your iPhone or iPad. Simply log in to your existing iTunes account and go to the Wallet section of the website. From there, you can send money to another Apple Pay account or a bank account. You can’t use the service without an iPhone or iPad, but you can use the website to make a one-time-use deposit in your account.

Use Apple Pay For Transactions

Once you have your account set up, you can use it to make purchases from any online merchant that accepts Apple Pay. When you’re shopping online, simply choose the Store that you want to visit from the iPhone or iPad menu, and then choose Apple Pay. You won’t be required to enter your debit card’s security code, as Apple Pay will authenticate your card using your fingerprint or facial recognition. This convenience may cause you to make purchases you wouldn’t normally make, and it can certainly be dangerous if your identity is stolen. However, at least you’ll know your personal information hasn’t been stolen and used without your permission.

If you’re worried about online security, you can choose to use a separate credit card just for online purchases. This way, even if your Apple Pay account is hacked, your credit card information will remain safe. If you’re concerned about the safety of your personal information, using a separate credit card just for online purchases is the best way to go about it. Never share your credit card information with online merchants, and always be on the lookout for fake websites that may be trying to trick you into providing your personal information.

Pay With Apple Pay At the Grocery Store

One of the biggest draws of using Apple Pay is that it’s extremely easy to use. Simply download the app from the App Store, and then go to the store that you shop at regularly. Once you have your hands on a purchase, you can simply wave your iPhone near the register’s NFC (near-field communication) or QR (quick response) code. When you do, the purchase will be processed instantly and you can get on your way to pick up your groceries.

NFC and QR codes are barcodes that can be scanned with a smartphone camera. They’re easy to use and allow for quick, one-touch processing of your purchases. When a grocer or retailer adds an NFC or QR code to its payment terminals, it makes paying with Apple Pay much easier for their customers. Because many phones have a camera now, customers can simply point their phone at the barcode and make a purchase. NFC and QR codes are a must for any business that accepts online payments, especially since they’re so easy to use.

Use Apple Pay At the Coffee Shop

While most people think of coffee when it comes to convenience stores, they might also forget about the many other ways that they can use their phone. If you find that you spend a lot of time at your local coffee shop, you can download the Starbucks app (which is available for iOS). With it, you can make purchases quickly and easily from Starbucks, as well as enjoy other perks, like loyalty programs. If you’re worried about safety or privacy at Starbucks, you can use their website to make a purchase instead. The app also allows you to make purchases even when you’re offline, which is convenient if you forget about your phone at home or in another country. You can use the Starbucks app to make purchases at a variety of locations, including their retail stores. In addition, you can use it to make deposits into your Starbucks account, if you have one.

Make iTunes Purchases With One Click

Speaking of Starbucks, they also have an affiliate program that allows you to earn commissions from shopping through their website. To participate, you need to have an existing Starbucks account. When you make a purchase from their website, you’ll have the option to pay with the Starbucks app, or you can choose to use Apple Pay. If you decide to use the Starbucks app, you can avoid having to type in your PIN (personal identification number) when making a purchase. Instead, with one click, you can use your fingerprint to authenticate yourself. This convenience makes paying with the app even easier for customers, as they don’t have to type in their PIN and can simply click to pay with Apple Pay.

If you decide to use the Starbucks app to make a purchase, it’s quick and easy to do. Just log in to your account and then make a purchase. You can choose to pay without needing to confirm your identity, or you can choose to use your fingerprint or other available identifiers to confirm your identity. With one click, you can make a purchase and then walk out the door, having spent less than ten minutes total waiting for your order. If you decide to pay with the Starbucks app, you won’t have to worry about entering your PIN because it will be automatically authenticated using your fingerprint or other available identifiers. You’ll simply have to make sure that you’re carrying your phone with you wherever you go, as it will be used to scan QR codes and allow you to make purchases as often as you like without having to input your PIN each time.

Use Apple Pay At the Hair Salon

Now, let’s not forget about the fact that Apple Pay is also great for places that you go regularly, like the hair salon. In addition to making payments easy, the service also takes the worry out of running low on cash. When you make a purchase using Apple Pay, the app will send you a notification when your account is low on funds. If you decide to use Apple Pay at the hair salon, it’s important to set up a designated credit card just for the purpose of making purchases there. As much as possible, you don’t want to use your regular debit card for salon payments, as you’ll be charged additional fees for using it there. If you forget to cancel the credit card after you make the first purchase, you’ll be in trouble – and that’s assuming you remember to stop payment on the card. Many credit cards charge fees when used for online purchases, so it’s best to use another form of payment for the times you need to make a purchase at the salon, especially if you’re using a debit card.

Use Apple Pay At the Bar Or Restaurant

If you go out for drinks with your friends often, you can use Apple Pay at the bar. Just remember that bars and restaurants will be required to add a surcharge when processing payments with Apple Pay. However, since this is a widely used payment option, many merchants will include this surcharge in their prices. Bars and restaurants can choose to either add the surcharge to your bill or provide it in the form of gift cards, depending on their pricing structures. Since bars and restaurants have to take the hit on surcharges, they may not be the best option if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to pay. But, if you’re looking for a unique way to pay (and you’re okay with spending a little more money), you can use Apple Pay at the bar or restaurant.

Use Apple Pay At the Airport

Airports are tricky places. You never know what could happen, so it’s always a good idea to be prepared. If you have an iPhone, you can use Apple Pay at the airport. Just make sure that you have enough battery life and that your data plan isn’t going to be charged because of the frequent airport checks. For those traveling with children, the layover process can be exhausting. It’s always nice to have a quick and easy way to pay at the airport, so they don’t have to bother with a noisy child distracting them from their meal or flight attendant coming by to ask if you’re okay. You can use Apple Pay at the airport, but be mindful of how much data you’re using and how much battery life you have left.