The ‘scroll section’ within the Clickfunnels template is pretty self-explanatory. As its name would suggest, the scroll section contains all the content that is displayed when scrolling down on a page. When scrolling up, the user will see the top of the page again, in the same manner as when initially opening the website.

This section typically includes a combination of large, high-quality images and short-to-mid-length articles. Depending on your needs, you might want to use this section for product information, blog posts, or even social media.

  • Product Images

    The product images in this section serve two purposes; firstly, they let the user visually browse products without having to click on an object and, secondly, they can be used as light background images for blog posts, social media, or other creative uses.

    The solution is pretty easy. Simply paste an image from your computer’s camera roll into the section and publish it.

    Blog Post Images

    This section is pretty self-explanatory. You can use this area to paste in the content of any blog post that you have published on your website. The image will display below the text.

    The reason why this area is so important is that, when users come back to your site after reading a blog post, they will typically want to read more content. To do this, you need to make sure that the blog post’s content is displayed below an interesting and eye-catching image. You can also use this area to display other content from your site, such as an icon or button.

    Social Media Images

    This section is pretty self-explanatory. You can use this area to display any type of social media content that you have associated with your account, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+.

    The advantage of these sections is that they allow you to quickly and easily add content to your site without having to worry about designating a specific area for the content.

    Short-To-Mid Length Articles

    This is another easy one to explain. When users come back to your website after engaging with your content on social media, they will typically have a short attention span. To keep their interest, you need to provide them with high-quality content that is relevant and interesting.

    To make sure that your content is interesting, you need to make sure that it is informative and educational. Whether you are writing a blog post, creating an infographic, or curating a list of best practices, make sure that your content provides value to your audience.

    The Conclusion

    As you can see, the Scroll section is a pretty essential part of any website. It provides a lot of value to users by displaying content that is both informative and interesting. When displaying content within this area, you should strive for creating a user experience that is both unique and beneficial.