One of the features that attracted me to the Funnel Machine platform is the ability to create custom domains for my funnels. A custom domain allows you to have a domain name that matches the branding of your funnel, such as or You can then direct traffic to your site using the custom domain.

While you can use any domain you want, it’s best to pick domain to prevent any potential issues with a third-party. Now let’s dive into how to create a Custom Subdomain for your Funnel Machine site.


Before you begin, you need to create an account with Funnel Machine. This is a free account that allows you to experiment with custom domains. When you create an account, you get a confirmation email from Funnel Machine. Follow the instructions in that email to confirm your email address and create a password.


Once you’ve confirmed your email, you can log into your account. On the main dashboard, you’ll see a link to do so. You can also access your account with your email address and password.


On the main dashboard, click on the gear icon () in the upper right corner. From there, you can configure a new domain or click on an existing domain to configure some of its settings. Let’s click on the New Domain button () to launch the domain settings page.

The first setting you’ll need to configure is the DNS (Domain Name Servers). These are the servers that will direct traffic to your site once it’s online. For example, if you use Google’s DNS, you’ll need to enter and as the DNS servers. You can click on the link to see a complete tutorial on how to use Google’s DNS.


Once you’ve entered Google’s DNS servers, you’ll see a message that your domain is successfully configured. If you browse to your domain, you should see a message similar to the one below.

As you can see, the custom subdomain is To add this domain to your account, simply click on the plus icon (). A pop-up will appear where you can type in the name of your site.

Once you’ve added the domain, you can also edit the name and the settings for your subdomain.


After you’ve edited the name and settings for your subdomain, click on the checkbox to the right of the domain name to confirm it. If you want to add more domains, repeat the process.

After you’ve added your new domains, click on the gear icon () in the upper right corner and you’ll be taken to the dashboard. From there, you can browse to your sites or create new ones.

As a best practice, it’s a good idea to create a new email account for the subdomain so you can manage email for your site. You can also configure a store id for the subdomain if you’re selling products online via an account like WordPress or WooCommerce.

With your new email account and the store id you configure, you can create and send mailshots to your subscribers.


If you’ve managed to follow all the steps above without making any mistakes, you’ll see a subscribe icon () on your dashboard. Click on that icon to be taken to the subscription page where you can read more about the benefits of being a subscriber. Once you’ve read those articles, you can click on the confirmation link in the email to verify your subscription.

Congratulations! You now have a custom domain name for your account and you can begin building your audience.

While you can use any domain you want for your Funnel Machine site, it’s best to pick domain to avoid any issues with third-party domains. Once you’ve launched your site, you can then direct traffic to it via your custom domain.