ClickFunnels customer service is surprisingly bad. I’ve had many issues with my account that I’ve had to contact them about. I’ve never gotten a satisfactory answer, and usually it’s just taking them time to respond. I’ve even had some problems that they’ve acknowledged and then ignored me about. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a small business owner, or if it’s just because they’re overworked but every single one of my calls goes unanswered. I’ve become so frustrated with the lack of customer service that I just wanted to communicate to other potential customers what horrible experiences they can expect if they sign up with ClickFunnels.

The Problem With The Customer Service

The first issue I have with customer service is that it’s hard to get in touch with. Even when you do manage to reach someone, it usually takes a while for them to respond. There’s never any guarantee that you’ll get an answer, either. Sometimes they’ll get back to you, other times they’ll just ignore you. This is incredibly unhelpful and leaves you wondering if the problem even needs addressing or if you should just move on.

The Lack Of Transparency

The second issue I have with customer service at ClickFunnels is that there’s never any transparency when it comes to your issues. You don’t know what triggered the problem, and there’s no way of knowing what kind of problems you’re likely to encounter. Even when you do try and find out what’s going on, it’s often very hard to get a reply, and when you do, it’s not always that helpful. This lack of transparency is incredibly frustrating and makes it very hard for potential customers to trust that their issue will be dealt with in a satisfactory manner.

The Poorly Stocked Help Forum

Third, and I think most importantly, is the fact that there’s nowhere for potential customers to go if they do have an issue. I would much rather have an active community of customers helping each other than an inactive one-sided communication channel where the company keeps everything hidden. This is not how you provide customer service – the company’s lack of transparency and poor customer service has created an obstacle for me and probably other customers as well. It’s great that ClickFunnels offers an unguided help forum, but it would be even better if it was actively used by customers to get help with issues they were facing. Inactive forums are of little use to anyone.

Why I Don’t Recommend ClickFunnels

Even though there are some benefits to using ClickFunnels, I wouldn’t recommend it. The issues I have with customer service and the lack of transparency make it very hard for me to recommend the product. Also, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives that don’t have all of the features that ClickFunnels has, but that don’t hurt your wallet as much.

To be completely transparent, I am not getting paid to recommend any product in this article. I just want to help guide you to the right decision. If you want to find out more about ClickFunnels, then click here and you’ll be able to start a free trial account. Just remember to cancel it before you get charged for anything! Your trial will last for 14 days and you can use all of the features during that time.