If you’ve ever tried to sell a product or service online, you’ll know that creating a good-looking, functional landing page is among the most crucial steps to take before you start trying to make sales.
Good-looking and functional are essentially two phrases that mean you need to have a page that is both visually appealing and performs well enough to convince a potential customer to buy what you’re offering.
While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to creating a landing page (heck, maybe there is and we just don’t know it yet), there are a few proven tips and tricks that can help you create an eye-catching, sales-friendly page in no time at all.

Focus On Conversion Rather Than Design

As a beginner, it’s easy to get distracted by the pretty, frilly things a landing page can look like and begin to focus too much on the design aspects, rather than the functional ones.
A good landing page designer will take the time to understand your product and what sets it apart from others in the marketplace. Once they understand your product, they can help you determine the perfect look and tone for your page.

Choose A Simple, Yet Eye-catching Theme

The look of your landing page is one of the most crucial aspects of its conversion rate.
If you want to grab the attention of a viewer, you need only look at the highest-converting websites out there for examples.
You’ll notice that most popular websites use simple, bright colors and bold fonts to achieve their stunning look. While it’s tempting to go for a complex, unique design that will make your page stick out in the viewer’s mind, keep in mind that a simple, unique design isn’t necessarily better.
You can use a service like Canva’s free landing page mockup tool to easily come up with an eye-catching design that will make your page stick out.

Include Visually Appealing Images

The images on your page play an important role in making it aesthetically pleasing and also in convincing prospective customers to click the call to action button or the offer to purchase button on the page.
Many successful businesses (including online stores) have figured out that using high-quality images, especially when paired with a text-based call to action, can greatly increase your conversions.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, and in the case of online marketing, a single well-designed image can bring in a big audience, significantly increase your conversion rates, and help you make more sales.

Make Sure Your CTA Is Suitable For All Screen Sizes

The call to action is what gets users to click the button to take the action you want them to take.
If you’ve ever shopped online, you’ll know that there are various CTAs you can choose from, each with a different purpose, style, and color.
Just because your CTA is fairly straightforward and uses only a few words doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for large screens or small screens.
You need to make sure the text is legible and not too small or difficult to read on a small screen. If you’re worried about people with small screens, make sure you test out your CTA on a mobile device or a desktop computer screen with a small width.

Keep your CTA simple, clear, and concise. It’s better to have a short, sweet call to action that gets to the point than a long, complicated one that leaves your visitors confused.

Include Lots Of Quality And Quantity

Just like with retail stores, when it comes to ecommerce and online stores, having more is generally better.
Include as many options for the user as possible so that they have as much information as possible when they make their decision to buy.
With so much competition in today’s online world, it’s essential to include as many options as possible to stand out from the crowd. If you want to create a good-looking, functional landing page that can convert, these five tips will help get you there faster than you know it.