Elements is the smallest and arguably one of the most popular product lines from Infusionsoft, the popular tool for creating websites and landing pages. For a long time, if you wanted to run a profitable online store, you had to be signed up for a premium account with Shopify or WooCommerce in order to achieve certain levels of engagement and conversion.

But now, thanks to the integration of Google Analytics with Shopify and the launch of their affiliate program, even non-tech-savvy folks can run profitable online stores without needing to worry about coding or design skills. So if you’re looking to enter the lucrative world of e-commerce, you might want to consider whether or not elements is the right platform for your needs.


If you’ve used infusionsoft to create a marketing platform, you’ll be familiar with its suite of features, which allow you to create automated email marketing campaigns and targeted landing pages for different customer segments. These features, along with the product itself, make elements very versatile for marketing and sales purposes.

Elements uses a drag-and-drop landing page builder — meaning you simply drag and drop HTML, images, and other content into pre-designed pages — which makes it incredibly easy to create a website, blog, or landing page. Importing content from various platforms like Twitter, Shopify, and Instagram is also incredibly easy.

If you’re just getting started and want to create an affiliate site, product review site, or anything else that involves a large amount of content, you can use Infusionsoft’s Content Management system (CMS) to easily build out your website. The CMS allows for all of the above and also gives you the ability to track the performance of each piece of content, including blog posts. So if you want to see how a blog post is performing, you can click on that piece of content in your content library and see metrics like traffic, engagement, and conversions associated with that piece of content.

A large number of elements’ customers use the tool to create websites and blogs for themselves. Some of these customers create multiple blogs and use the tool to create online stores, real estate marketing landing pages, and more. Because of this versatility, even businesses and brands without a technical background can accomplish great things with elements.

If you’re interested in e-commerce and want to carry products from various platforms like Shopify and Amazon, elements is the go-to solution for creating an online store. But if you’re looking for something more traditional, components is a great option as well since it provides a full-featured blogging platform for non-tech-savvy users.


Although elements is a free tool, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium account in order to utilize the product’s full capabilities. But even then, you’ll only need to pay $5 per month, plus tax. The cost of a premium account with Infusionsoft is quite cheap compared to what you’d pay for a similar plan with Shopify or WooCommerce.

Additionally, unlike with Shopify and WooCommerce, you’ll never need to purchase a standalone license for elements. Instead, you’ll only need to license the software once you’ve purchased a premium account. This greatly reduces the cost of ownership.

All in all, elements can be a good option for marketing and sales professionals who want to create automated email campaigns, build out web presences, and track the performance of their content. If you’re looking to create a simple website or landing page for yourself or your business, you can accomplish that with elements as well, albeit with a little more effort.

Deciding whether or not elements is the right tool for your needs depends on your industry, your goals, and your circumstances. If you’re looking for an e-commerce solution, it’s probably the best option available. But if you’re simply looking to create a simple website or landing page, you can use another tool like WordPress or Shopify as well and save yourself some money.

To learn more, visit this official Infusionsoft website or read the complete comparison between elements and Shopify. Then, if you’d like to try out elements for yourself, you can get a free trial by visiting this official Infusionsoft website or calling 1-800-345-1221.