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So what is a gold digger ad?

If you’re looking to gain credibility with your audience, consider engaging in conversations and gaining their trust with content that is valuable. While there are many benefits to having a gold digger ad, one of the main benefits is that you’re able to test out different headlines and phrases to see which ones perform the best.

Why Are They Called That?

This type of ad, also known as a “honeypot ad”, mimics a gold digger stereotype by seeking to entice men to click on an advert with a supposedly “sexy” woman or women.

If you’re a woman looking to gain credibility with your audience, consider opting out of these kinds of ads or putting a spin on it. For example, you could say you’re a “bikini engineer” or an “online bikini consultant” and offer your services for hire.

What Makes These Ads Different To Others?

To begin with, these ads often feature “hot” or “sexy” photos of women and boast elaborate descriptions of the services the company provides.

In fact, one of the biggest differences between these ads and your average online ad is that they often focus on the product or service rather than the company that provides it. For example, an advertiser might say:

“Hey, man. I’m looking for an accountant to help me prepare my taxes. Click here for the best prices on accountancy software.”

As opposed to the typical online ad, which might say:

“Hi there! Thanks for visiting our site. Here’s a free sample of our product. If you’re interested, here are some other items you might want to check out.”

In this sense, a gold digger ad is like an online dating site for buyers or consumers of products and services. It tries to appeal to our inherent tendency to associate value with attractiveness.

Odds are if you’re a woman looking for a business or product, you’ve spent some time on online dating sites or received direct mail from a dating or courting company. These ads are also commonly seen in fashion magazines and on the sides of buses. While most of us have moved past the days of “manning the picket line” during a strike, there is still a stigma attached to striking out on your own.

What Is A “Click”?

In online advertising, a “click” can happen when an audience member clicks on a commercial or product link, or performs some other interactive action (such as filling out a form, or making a purchase, etc.).

What Is The Most Effective Way To Engage With A Customer?

As we’ve established, gold digger ads offer an audience the opportunity to interact with you. So how can you engage with your customers in a way that is beneficial to both of you?

First off, establish yourself as an expert in your industry. When a customer has a problem or question, they will turn to you. Your reputation is your best asset. Demonstrating that you’re an expert through articles, videos, certifications, and speaking events will all help establish your credibility.

What we love about this approach is that by focusing on your expertise, rather than your product or service, you are able to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Which means, more often than not, the customer will feel like they are getting the best deal. Or, at the very least, they’ll feel like they’re getting a fair one. Because you are an expert, you will understand what they are paying for. And they will feel comfortable being completely transparent with you (which, in turn, will help establish trust).

Another way to engage with a customer is through social media. If you’ve got a decent sized following, you can take advantage of live chats, polls, and even video messages. The bottom line here is that you can use social media to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. When customers interact with you on social media, they are more likely to trust your judgement. Or, at least, to feel comfortable enough engaging with you. Even better? You can use social media to create a space for customer service. If a customer has a question regarding your product or service, they can easily find the answer by searching for it on social media. 

For example, if a customer asks about the fitting rooms in your department store online, you can simply reply with the URL of an online article that answers their question. Or, if you run a blog, you can take advantage of the platform to launch a new product or service. Share your experience, explain how you solved the customer’s problem, and point them to where they can get the answers they need. In this way, you are both establishing your expertise and providing the customer with the information they need. Both of these tactics, coupled with some basic keyword research, can get you very high in the search engine rankings. Which brings us to our next point…

Keyword Research

If you’ve ever wondered how bloggers and online content creators are always able to produce fresh, new content, it’s because of the simple fact that they do keyword research before they started publishing.

Knowing the right keywords is the difference between a frustrating experience and a joyous one. Translating this concept into digital marketing, knowing the right keywords will make your content findable when someone is searching for content related to your niche or industry. This, in turn, can help drive web traffic to your site. Which then leads us to our next point…


Getting traffic is, in itself, a great way to grow your email list and affiliate income. However, doing keyword research and optimizing your content for search engines is one of the most effective ways to achieve this. When someone clicks on a sponsored link or buys a product after reading your content, you’ve got an opportunity to convince them to subscribe to your list or participate in your affiliate program. The more you can do to gain clicks, the more chances you’ll have to convince someone to join your affiliate program or subscribe to your list.

There are plenty of traffic generation tactics available to you. From affiliate marketing to blogging, from social media to SEO, there is a way you can build a following and attract potential customers to your site. Which then leads us to our final point…


Last but not least, we’ve got monetization. One of the big differences between a gold digger ad and other types of online ads is the fact that the former seeks to make money from a third party source (the customer). So, rather than just driving traffic to a site, you can consider the monetization options available to you. Whether this is affiliate marketing, banner ads, or paid placements, there are plenty of ways you can generate revenue from a digital marketing standpoint.

Forbes has ranked the top 30 affiliate marketing platforms, which you can use to gain credibility and make money online. With affiliate marketing, you don’t necessarily have to have a site of your own to make money. You can also try making money from your mobile phone by becoming a virtual assistant. Or, if you’re looking for an even easier way to monetize, you can try using a tool like Revflora, which allows you to sell and display banners at no cost.

These are just a few examples of how you can generate revenue from a digital marketing standpoint. If you’re looking to establish yourself as an expert in your industry, consider the various ways in which you can make money online. There are plenty of opportunities to make a quick buck or two if you know where to look. So, instead of scraping by on a daily basis, consider the fact that you can make money online and opt out of the “old way of doing business”.