You’ve launched a product or service on the market and are just waiting for customers to come knocking. But, instead of just finding one or two customers who might be interested in your product, you find yourself struggling to gain traction in a market that seemingly has no interest in your product. What then do you do? You need to find a way to clone what already works well and make it work even better. That’s what you’ll learn in this article.

The First Step

The first step to cloning a successful funnel page is to understand what makes it so successful. The answer often lies within the copy on the page itself. If you read the copy on the Funnel Cake page, for example, you’ll see a series of compelling reasons why someone would buy this product. The copy is written in a fascinating style that keeps the reader interested.

A compelling copy isn’t just the product description, it’s also found in the copy on the landing pages that funnel visitors into the top of the funnel. When you examine these pages, you’ll often find that the copy is minimal but extremely effective.

When you understand how a successful funnel page is constructed, you’ll have a clear picture of what you’re trying to replicate. Using the Funnel Cake page as an example, you can see that the bulk of the content is contained on the main page but there are also smaller copies stitched into the page to encourage the reader to stay on the page and keep reading. One of the most valuable lessons you can take away from this is to keep the copy short and sweet.

Know Your Audience

The next step to taking a successful funnel page and cloning it is to understand your audience. You can’t write copy for the sake of writing copy, you need to understand who you’re writing for and what they want. Think about the Funnel Cake page for a moment. Who is this page aimed at? Well, it’s aimed at anyone who’s ever baked a funnel cake but it is also aimed at anyone who loves eating desserts. With this page, you’re not only teaching someone how to bake a cake but you’re also providing them with a list of flavors from which they can choose. It’s a win-win.

Understand What Motivates Your Prospects

The third step to taking a successful funnel page and cloning it is to understand what drives your prospects. Prospects have different motivations for purchasing a product or service. Some want quick results whereas others want long-term support. Answering these questions will help you to craft the perfect message to each individual prospect. One of the best examples of answering these questions is the Squeeze page. On this page, you’ll see 20 different ways to gain access to a professional designer who will help you establish a unique brand identity for your company. Below that, you’ll see seven ways to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Each section has a call to action that appeals to the reader’s ego and curiosity. It’s a sales tactic that’s as old as cold calling itself but one that never gets old. When someone is struggling to make a purchase, you can bet they’re thinking about these kinds of questions.

Make Sure Your Products Are Always Available

The last step to taking a successful funnel page and cloning it is to make sure your products are always available. Your goal is to have all the necessary supplies and equipment to hand when the consumer decides to purchase your product. When someone visits a store and can’t find what they’re looking for, it breaks the whole shopping experience. Especially when they’re in the middle of trying to purchase something and can’t find what they need, it completely turns off consumers and takes away from the whole shopping experience. You never want this to happen and it rarely happens with online stores but it’s still something to keep in mind. When you run an online store, everything can be ordered and shipped quickly. This makes it even more important to keep up with stock levels and to ensure that your products are always available. Having a good system in place to track when inventory is getting low will help you prepare for the unexpected. Just because you have a store online doesn’t mean that you can’t experience low stock levels as well. For example, when a popular product is out of stock, you’ll see a big drop in orders. When this happens, you need to replace it fast before you lose all your sales.

When you follow these five steps, you’ll be able to clone any successful funnel page easily. Before you begin, take some time to examine the page you’d like to clone. Look at the source code to get a clear picture of how it’s laid out. Also, look at the graphics to see how they’re presented. With these five steps, you’ll be able to ensure that the copy, imagery, and user experience are all in line with your new funnel page.