Do you want to know how to use ClickFunnels with Klaviyo so you can start integrating online marketing with email marketing?

Klaviyo is the best multi-channel marketing platform that lets you create stunning email marketing campaigns, landing pages, and websites without any coding. It’s also packed with tons of features so you can grow your business using digital marketing techniques, without breaking the bank.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain how you can use ClickFunnels with Klaviyo so you can start integrating online marketing with email marketing and build a winning strategy for your business.

Step 1: Get a Better Feeling for the Product

One of the primary reasons why you might want to try out ClickFunnels with Klaviyo is to find out if the product is right for your business. Even though you’re likely familiar with ClickFunnels, taking the time to get a feel for Klaviyo is an important step.

You won’t be able to accurately predict how effective your integration of an online marketing platform will be without having a good sense of what tools you’ll use. Even the most sophisticated business will struggle without a good grasp of email marketing and landing page design.

If possible, try out both products separately (especially if you’re a beginner) so you can get a feel for how each one works and discover the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Step 2: Get Familiar With The Platform

After you’ve tried out ClickFunnels with Klaviyo and got a sense of the product, it’s time to move on to the next step. This step is all about getting familiar with the platform so you can start using it effectively.

While it’s important to look at the results of your efforts and see how well you mastered each tool, it’s also critical to study what went right and what went wrong. By closely examining your analytics and monitoring your conversion rates, you’ll be able to make future adjustments and discover new ways of optimizing your marketing operations.

Step 3: Integrate The Two Platforms

Once you’ve tried out ClickFunnels with Klaviyo and grown comfortable with the software, it’s time to integrate the two platforms so you can start growing your business.

To do this, you simply need to create a landing page on your website using the tool (don’t worry, we’ll show you how later in this guide). Then, you’ll need to submit a form on this page using the ClickFunnels API (application programming interface.)

After the form is submitted, you’ll receive an email from ClickFunnels with a link to click or a code to text to activate your account.

From there, it’s just a matter of logging into your Klaviyo account and integrating the two apps so you can start sending out marketing emails and receiving responses.

Step 4: Create An Account

Creating an account is simply step four of the process and isn’t anything special. Just choose a username and password and you’re good to go. You can also select a security question to verify your identity. We recommend using a unique security question for each account so if someone hacks into your account, they’ll have to answer your security question to verify their identity.

You’ll be able to choose a display name and profile picture for your account. You can use the same email address for your account as you did for your email marketing platform (SpamExperts recommended doing this so you can keep your existing email contacts when you start using the app.) The main thing to keep in mind is that you must create a password for your account. Never share your password with anyone and make sure you keep it secret.

Step 5: Set Up Autofilling For Your Email

One of the biggest pain points when sending out marketing emails is having to manually enter the email addresses of your audience. You’d think that the solution to this problem would be to have the software automatically populate the email addresses, but that’s not the case.

You can set up autofilling for your email so anytime you have an email address (whether it’s been manually typed or automatically extracted from your contacts) the software will automatically add it to your list.

This is a time-saving feature and much easier to use than having to enter each email address manually. You can also decide what to do with the addresses that aren’t valid (pending confirmation) so you don’t get inundated with invalid email addresses.

Step 6: Test Your Setup

The final step in the process is to test your setup. To do this, simply visit the App Store or Google Play and search for Klaviyo. Then, download the app and enter a few addresses into the box at the top-right corner of the landing page.

Klaviyo will then send out an email to each address and display the results in your dashboard. If you discover that a few addresses aren’t working, you can simply delete them from your list.

You’ll be able to track the open rate, click rate and conversion rate for each email in your dashboard. These numbers will help you understand the success of your efforts so far. If you have a business partner who isn’t familiar with the platforms, this is a good place to walk them through the entire process so they can get a sense of what is going on.

Why Use The API to Integrate With ClickFunnels

We mentioned above that to integrate with ClickFunnels, you’ll need to use their API (application programming interface.) While there are a variety of APIs available, we recommend using their standard API for the following reasons:

  • It’s extremely easy to use
  • You’ll receive a variety of documentation included, which makes analyzing and troubleshooting much easier
  • The documentation is available online and in real life at local libraries so if you have questions, you can find answers instantly

In case you aren’t familiar, an API is a software tool that connects your app or website with a 3rd party service or platform. In this case, we’re connecting our app, ClickFunnels, with a 3rd party service, Klaviyo. APIs are especially useful if you or someone you work with is not familiar with a particular platform or tool.

By providing easy access to all the tools and features in Klaviyo, we’re able to fully integrate our email marketing with other platforms like Google Analytics and Shopify.