The internet has opened up unlimited possibilities for business success, but getting your product to the right audience and converting them into paying customers can still be a challenge.

Product and marketing management expert, Scott Seo shows you how to gain leverage over your competitors with digital marketing and sales techniques, built on the foundation of inbound marketing.

Creating Buyers’ Personas

The first step to effective digital marketing is to develop buyer personas. A buyer persona is a fictional character used to identify with in marketing research to better understand the needs and wants of your target audience. They are a combination of the characteristics of your ideal buyer, along with the characters you create to represent your competitors.

By creating buyer personas for your target audience, you can define the characteristics that separate your product or service from your competitors’. These characters, along with their corresponding biographies, will form the backbone of your marketing campaign. The more you know about your target audience, the better you can tailor your approach to appeal to them. Knowing more about your target audience will also enhance your ability to convert them into paying customers.

Marketing Research and Analysis

The next step in the digital marketing process is to conduct market research and analysis to define your target audience, their needs and wants.

You can use a variety of tools for marketing research, from traditional focus groups to online questionnaires. No matter what method you choose, you need to ensure that you are getting data from a reputable source.

Attracting, converting and retaining customers

Once you have defined your target audience, you can craft strategies to attract, convert and retain them as loyal customers.

Take into consideration the type of person you will be attracting, what will encourage them to act, and how you will retain them as loyal customers. Consider the following:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Promotions
  • Delivery + Service
  • Overall Experience
  • Loyalty

To retain customers, you must continually provide value and meet their needs by expanding your product offering or introducing new products and services. You can also use customer loyalty programs to reward them for their continued patronage.

Determining Marketing Channel Mix

Determining the mix of marketing channels for your product or service is an important part of the marketing strategy. A key decision you will need to make is whether to focus on one channel or many.

You might decide to go with a paid advertising campaign across many social platforms to attract as many potential customers as possible, or decide to limit your efforts to one channel, such as Facebook or Instagram, to reach your target audience. The choice is yours.

Measure the Results of Your Marketing Campaigns

Measuring the results of your marketing campaign is an essential part of the process. Without metrics, it’s hard to determine the effectiveness of your strategy.

You can use a variety of tools to monitor the performance of your ad campaigns, from click-through rate to web traffic and conversion. As you gain experience, you will find it easier to track the results of your campaigns and make better decisions for your future marketing efforts.


Pro-Tip: To get the most out of your content marketing, create videos to complement your blog posts. Use your blog content to provide in-depth information and educate your audience. Then, lead them through a series of short, informative video blogs. Finally, wrap up the video content with a call to action – such as a CTA link – to drive more traffic to your website.