With the various improvements that have been introduced in the last few years to make our lives simpler and more enjoyable, one of the major changes has been the emergence of online marketplaces that connect various businesses with customers. One of the major players in this space is ClickFunnels, an established American company which was bought by Uber in February 2020 for $26 million.

The Impact of Covid-19 On Online Marketplaces And Funnels

One of the major impacts of Covid-19 on online marketplaces and funnel management systems is the shift towards online transactions and digital marketing.

The transition towards a digital marketing and sales approach was sparked by the pandemic as most businesses were forced to close their physical locations and shift to online marketing and sales.

The move to online marketing and sales has resulted in a paradigm shift in the way we will perceive marketing and sales activity in the coming months and years. Before the pandemic, physical face-to-face meetings between sales and marketing professionals were commonplace as businesses would often seek to grow their market share through brand awareness and lead generation campaigns. However, with the country in the middle of a pandemic and as businesses reopen their doors, marketing and sales activity will slowly shift back to face-to-face interactions. The speed at which this will happen depends on several factors including government restrictions which will govern the nature and form of marketing and sales activities which can be conducted during the pandemic.

3 Tips for Using Multiple Colors in an Effective Way

With the plethora of new designs, colors, and themes introduced by various e-commerce and digital marketing platforms, designers, bloggers, and content creators have more choices than ever before when it comes to the style and colors of their sites, social media accounts, and e-newsletters. This is fantastic as it provides designers with the opportunity to experiment with new colors and styles while learning from the experience.

However, despite all these options, not all colors and designs will necessarily work well together. In order to ensure that you get the most from your colorful strategy, you should follow a few simple guidelines.

Colourful Websites Are Visual Stimulants

When we create websites, we always consider the purpose of the site in the first place. Do you need a reason to visit a website? Does the site provide valuable information that will benefit your life or work? To put it more directly, does the site make you feel smarter, richer, or more confident?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then your website’s color palette has a good chance of impressing and engaging you as you scroll through the pages. In addition to this, brightly colored websites are proven to increase a website’s conversion rates and cut through the clutter.

Consider The Theme Of Your Website As Well

Another important consideration that you should make is whether to go for a bright, cheerful theme or a more somber one. Bear in mind that the choice of a theme greatly impacts the overall look and feel of your site as well as its conversion rates. If you are running a business, a more serious theme will serve you well as you look to close more deals and grow your business.

The Bottom Line

As a business owner, digital marketer, or entrepreneur, the last thing you need right now is a migraine-causing website that doesn’t convert well.

For these reasons, you should always strive to create a functional, user-friendly website with a pretty face. In any case, whether you are seeking to simply educate readers about a particular product or service, or generate leads and grow your business, a colorful website is a good option to explore.