You can use ClickFunnels to create beautiful, fully functioning sales pages without needing a product to promote. In fact, you can use it to create a sales page for any product or service, regardless of whether you’re promoting a digital or physical product.

There are three distinct steps you need to take in order to use ClickFunnels in this way:

  • Set up a new account
  • Set up a new website (optional)
  • Upload a sales page to utilize with ClickFunnels

Let’s look at each step in turn.

Set Up A New Account

The very first thing you need to do to utilize ClickFunnels is to create a new account. At the time of writing, the sign-up process was simple and painless. All you needed to do was input your email address, fill in a simple password, and you were ready to go.

You can also choose to integrate your email account with your social media accounts (such as Gmail, Outlook, or Facebook), allowing you to receive important company and marketing emails from brands that you’re interested in working with through a single email address.

Set Up A New Website (Optional)

As fantastic as the sign-up process for ClickFunnels is, it’s still not a good idea to rush into creating a new site for the platform.

You can use ClickFunnels to create incredibly polished, professional-looking sites for clients without needing to write a single line of code. However, if you are looking to build a portfolio website or blog, you should consider setting up a new site using a platform like WordPress, Big Blog or Medium.

Why? Well, it’s easy to use and requires no technical know-how to set up and use. You just need to have a simple understanding of how to use an HTML template.

Upload A Sales Page

The final step in the process of using ClickFunnels to create a sales page is to upload a sales page. Essentially, this is the page your potential customers will visit after they arrive at your designated landing page.

The good news is that you can choose from a library of beautiful, fully functioning HTML templates for this step. Simply click on the button next to the template you want to use and you’ll be taken to a page where you can preview thumbnails of each sheet.

From here, it’s just a matter of clicking on the template you want to use and changing the details to fit your needs. For instance, you might want to add your own logo, change the font, or edit the copy to fit your marketing message.

When you’re happy with the results, hit the “Publish” button and you’re done!

The key takeaway from this step is that no matter what type of product you’re promoting, you can create an engaging, professional-looking page in no time at all. And if you’re looking to build a business that generates revenue from products and services sold online, ClickFunnels is the perfect platform for you.