Have you ever tried setting up a sales funnel but found that there were no clear orders to follow?

ClickFunnels takes the pain out of getting started building a sales funnel.

If you’ve ever tried to build a sales funnel without using a tool like ClickFunnels, then you probably discovered that it was extremely complex and demanding work. 

But with ClickFunnels, it’s very easy to get up and running with a functioning sales funnel in just a few minutes.

Setting Up The Sales Funnel Is The Hard Part

The first step in setting up a sales funnel with ClickFunnels is to find the domain for your sales funnel (i.e., thewebaddress.com).

You can use yourwebsite.com for free when you sign up for a Blogger account (if you use Blogger, it’s a free option).

But if you want to use a different domain name, you’ll need to purchase it from a domain registrar like GoDaddy.com123-reg.com, or enom.com

The next step is to install the ClickFunnels software onto your computer. 

You can find the software (CF) by going to www.clickfunnels.com and entering your domain name into the browser bar. 

When the page loads, look for the CF icon along the upper right side of your browser window.

Click the CF icon to install the software. 

When the installation completes, the homepage of the ClickFunnels software will display the following message:

  • “Thanks for signing up! Use the links below to get started. 
    • 1. Set up a free account. (Sign up)
    • 2. Install the ClickFunnels software. (Install)
    • 3. Open the ClickFunnels dashboard. (Dashboard)
    • 4. Create a Product. (Create Product)
    • 5. Name your product. (Name Product)
    • 6. Choose a Category. (Choose Category)
    • 7. Set the price. (Set Price)
    • 8. Add Description. (Add Description)
    • 9. Choose a Template. (Choose Template)
    • 10. Set the name for your landing page. (Set Name)
    • 11. Set the URL for your landing page (this is the address of your web page). (Set URL)
    • 12. Test your landing page. (Test)
    • 13. Publish your landing page. (Publish)

    When you’ve finished with the homepage of the ClickFunnels software, you can click on the Get Started button to proceed to the next step.

    This button will take you to the Getting Started welcome page of ClickFunnels. 

    You’ll see four main links here:

    • Sign up for a free account
    • Install the ClickFunnels software
    • Open the ClickFunnels dashboard
    • Create a Product
    • Name your product

    Each of these links will take you to a new page within the ClickFunnels website.

    Adding Products To Your Sales Funnel Is Easy

    To add a product to your sales funnel, click on the Create Product button to reach the next page.

    On this page, you’ll see a table with five columns. 

    The first column is for your product name; the second column is for the price; the third column is for how many people will buy this product; the fourth column is for how much you’ll make with this product; and the last column is for how much you’ll spend on this product. 

    To add a product, simply enter the name of the product in the first row (i.e., for Mikimoto Ice Cream, you should enter Mikimoto below the row), choose a price (this is the amount you’ll charge for the product), and click on the Add to Funnel button.

    This will add the product to your sales funnel.

    Products in your funnel cannot be deleted except by removing them from the funnel itself. To do this, simply go to the page with the products in your funnel. 

    On this page, you’ll see a list of the products along with a check box next to each one. 

    To remove a product, check the box next to it and click on the Remove Product button.

    From here, you can click on the Get Started button to get to the Getting Started welcome page.