Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to build a passive income stream or an active marketer looking to increase online sales, you’ve probably heard of ClickFunnels. For those not familiar, let’s briefly explain what it is.

ClickFunnels provides a suite of tools designed to help businesses grow their sales online. It was founded by Stanford University alumnus and serial entrepreneur Russell Brunson. Russell is also the mastermind behind software solutions such as HubSpot and Pipedrive. When he founded ClickFunnels in 2012, he wanted to build the most user-friendly sales platform possible.

Since its founding, ClickFunnels has become a popular choice for web developers and online marketers who want to manage their own online stores and product lines. It is a complete sales platform designed for brokers, agents, and entrepreneurs who want to quickly and easily launch a professional web store.

Create An Outline of What You Need

Before you begin building a sales page for your product or service on the internet, it’s important to have an idea of what you’ll need. You’ll need a site. While there are free services such as GitHub and WordPress, you’ll want to hire a developer to set up a custom-built site for you. This way, you can be sure that your site will look professional, and it will perform optimally.

Once you have your site, you can begin to build out your sales page. It’s important to have a vision of what you’ll need before you begin building. You don’t want to rush the process and have a piece of junk that doesn’t perform well. Instead, take your time and create something wonderful.

Pick A Theme For Your Site

When we build websites, we usually start by selecting a theme. The theme you choose can greatly influence the look and feel of your site. When choosing a theme, it’s important to keep in mind that web browsers such as Google and Apple Safari display sites differently than desktop or mobile browsers. Because of this, the theme you choose needs to look the same everywhere.

For example, if you’re used to having sites with a bright yellow background, you might want to avoid using a black background on your site. While the concept of having a black background is appealing because it looks cool and modern, when viewed through a phone camera or tablet’s screen, it can be difficult to see anything on your site due to lack of contrast.

Find The Perfect Title

The first thing people land on when they visit your site is your title. It is the first thing they’ll see, and it will be in bold, big, and hopefully interesting enough text to catch their attention.

In general, you don’t want to use too many keywords in your titles. It’s best to choose a few keywords that describe your product or service. When choosing your keywords, make sure you’re not using words that are too commonly used or overly simplistic. Your title should be unique and concise. It should also include keywords that are relevant to your product or service.

Include An About Page

On the subject of websites, people usually want to know more about the team behind it. An about page is a great place for prospective customers to learn more about you. The about page on your website will serve as your “contact us” page. On this page, you can include a brief bio about your team, a link to your company website, and maybe even a few testimonials from previous clients. When designing your about page, make sure to keep in mind the objective of your sales page. Will you be using this page to convince people to make a purchase? Or will you use it to provide more information about your company?

Add Headers And Footers

Headers and footers are at the top and bottom of a page, respectively. They’re the sections that run across the page, usually containing the page’s title, copyright information, and a small section of text at the very top of the page. After you add the headers and footers to your page, you can add a small piece of artwork (like an image or graphic) to the header or footer.

On the subject of headers and footers, don’t use too many fonts or styles. Stick with two or three fonts and simple, plain text for your headers and footers.

Add Some Awesome Pictures

When designing a sales page, it’s important to add pictures. However, you don’t want to put too much emphasis on pictures and make the text difficult to read. Instead, use a mix of pictures and text to interest your readers.

There are several places you can find affordable and high-quality stock photos that you can use for your website. One great place to find free images is Unsplash.com. On this site, you can choose a search filter to limit the photos you see to only the most relevant images.

Add Some Other Sorts of Media

In addition to the headers and footers and pictures, you can add other sorts of media to your sales page. You can add a video, an audio clip, or even a podcast. While podcasts aren’t popularly used as an advertisement medium, you can use them to supplement your content or narrate an important part of your sales pitch.

There are lots of great tools you can use to create a podcast from a simple verbal account of your company’s adventures. You can record yourself speaking about your product or service, or you can ask a friend or colleague to do the same for you. Then, you can use a tool like GoTranscript or ReWave to turn your podcast into an audio file you can download and play on your phone or computer.

You don’t need a special app to upload videos to YouTube. All you need is a smartphone and a YouTube account.

Build A Great Description

Now that you have everything in place, it’s time to add more value to your website by creating a great description. The best (and most popular) way to do this is to write a short but sweet “summary” of your product or service.

Let’s say you’re selling fashion accessories for women. Your product might be a leather jacket. To properly describe this product, you would start by writing: “Waterproof. Compatible with wet weather. Has an adjustable fit. Snap fastening.” This is a very short description, but it’s everything needed to know about the product.

When done well, the short description can be just as effective as the long one. Don’t be afraid to use numbers when describing your product or service. For example: “We recommend the 3-in-1 model for people who use their iPhones exclusively for calls, because the audio quality is better and there’s no risk of Bluetooth interference.”

The End Result

When you’re done with all that, you’ll end up with a great looking, functional website that serves as an excellent gateway to potential customers. You can even use tools like Hit Builder to automate the process of creating a sales page for your product or service. With automation, you can have a sales page created and live on your site within minutes.

As you can see, it’s quite simple to create a sales page for your product or service using ClickFunnels. With each new product or service you launch, the process gets easier. If you want to read more about ClickFunnels, check out these posts: