No matter what kind of business you’re in, you need to be thinking about upselling and cross-selling now more than ever. Upselling is when a marketer suggests a product or service that is related to, but higher priced than, what the person has already purchased. Cross-selling is when a marketer suggests a product or service that is related to what the person is already planning to purchase. In most cases, there’s a significant margin of profit in upselling and cross-selling.

According to HubSpot Blogs research, 55% of consumers are likely to purchase a product or service that they see advertised in connection with another related product or service. That’s more than double the 22% who would consider cross-selling.

So how do you get customers to run to click on that upsell button?

Show Them The Money They’re Making

Customers want to know how much money they’re going to make from an activity. If you show them the money they’re going to make from an upsell or cross-sell rather than just the sales pitch of a product or service, they’re much more likely to be interested. This is why most affiliate marketing programs show you how much money you’re going to make from a specific product or service.

For example, if you sell t-shirts and the affiliate marketer recommends a hoodie, you might show your customers a graphic representing the discount they’ll get for purchasing the hoodie along with the t-shirt. You can use the same method for upselling a more expensive item. Instead of just saying that the product or service is good, you should be showing them the money they’re going to make from purchasing it.

Use Technology To Your Advantage

With every new generation of consumer coming into the market, the methods of marketing change to stay ahead of the curve. Today, marketers can use technology to their advantage by being more precise and targeting the right audience at the right time. The key to selling more is being able to target and communicate with your audience through various methods.

Depending on the size and shape of your business, you might want to look into implementing a content management system (CMS) to effectively communicate with and engage your audience. A CMS allows you to create content, schedule it to publish at certain times, and track its performance across different platforms.

The good thing about implementing a CMS is that it lets you create various content, such as blogs and e-books, to engage with your audience. If your existing social media accounts aren’t delivering the results you want, a CMS allows you to build and nurture communities around your various platforms through blog posts, videos, and e-books. You can also incorporate your e-commerce store’s performance into your marketing plan by using a tool like Google Analytics to track and improve your conversion rates.

Make It Easy For Customers To Find What They’re Looking For

Customers are busy people. When they come to your site, whether it’s through your social media profiles or email marketing campaigns, they want to be able to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. If you want to maximize your conversion rates, make sure that your search bar is easy to find and functions well. Make sure your site’s navigation is clear and simple.

Google Search is always a good place to start when it comes to search bar optimization. When someone types in a search query into the bar, you want them to easily find what they’re looking for. You can use the keyword planner tool within Google Search to easily find the best keyphrases to incorporate into your content.

Use Video If You Want To

In his book, The Psychology of Video Game Addiction, Dr. Nicholas J. Polgreen writes that video games aren’t just a leisure activity anymore. “They’ve become an integral part of many people’s daily routines,” he says.

With video games becoming more and more social, people are looking for ways to connect with their peers while playing. One of the best ways to do that is through video. If you want to upsell or cross-sell products related to gaming, use video if you want to.

Why? Videos allow you to show customers an amazing deal that they might not see if you just described it in text. You can use video to explain key features and benefits of your product or service. You can even show customers how to use your product or service efficiently. For example, if you’re marketing a business productivity tool, you might show a short video clip of a CEO giving a presentation to illustrate how the tool can help improve productivity. The ability to show how a tool or product works makes it much easier for customers to envision themselves using it. This in turn makes them more likely to purchase it.

Keep Things Simple

The more you can do to simplify the purchase process, the more you’ll likely please your customers. If someone comes to your site and doesn’t feel like they’ve found the right solution, or if they’re having trouble choosing between two products that seem similar, make sure you simplify the buying process by adding navigation or a comparison sheet on your product pages. The simpler the better. For some people, finding the right solution can be an arduous process.

If you want to upsell or cross-sell, take the time to find the right solution for your customer. Be detailed enough in your descriptions to give your buyer confidence in their decision, but don’t overwhelm them with information. Make sure you’re answering the questions your customer might have about the product or service you’re promoting.

Try Testimonials Or Reviews

Customers want to feel confident in their buying decisions, which leads to them researching the product or service before making a purchase. If you want to create an even more convincing sales pitch, use testimonials or reviews from previous customers about your product or service to build credibility. Be sure to select real reviews from actual customers rather than paid shill reviews.

What is a review or testimonial? It’s when an individual writes about their personal experience with a product or service. The better the review, the more persuasive it becomes. If you want to create an authentic review, make sure to get the full name of the reviewer, detail their experience, and include a link to their website or social media accounts where they can be found.

Keep Current With Trends

If you want to get customers to run to click on your upsell or cross-sell button, you need to keep current with the latest trends and technologies. Many successful businesses operate with a focus on trends rather than products or services. For example, Google is practically defined by its search bar, which constantly changes to keep users interested. The same thing can be said of Walmart, which evolved from basic retail to include fashion, lifestyle, and wellness products.

If your customers are on the hunt for the latest trends, you can bet they’ll come to your site. In the future, when your customers want to buy skincare products because of what’s trending, you’ll be able to provide them with the information they’re looking for.

The key to creating an effective upsell or cross-sell strategy is to find the right solution for your customer’s needs. By understanding what your customer wants and needs, you’ll be able to suggest products or services that will make them feel confident in their decision.