When someone signs up for a free account with ClickFunnels, they are taken to a confirmation page where they are instructed to click a link to create a page. After the order is placed, the customer receives an email confirmation with a link to create a new page. The customer can then use this link to begin creating their page. But what if they forget to visit the funnels website after their order is placed? Or what if they do not have internet access on the device they use to place the order?

This is where the usefulness of a physical button comes in. When you push the button on a small wireless speaker, such as the popular Amazon Echo or Google Home Mini, you can ask any question you like, and the companion device will process your request and provide the answer. For example, you can ask Alexa or Google Home to give you the link to create a new page in your ClickFunnels account.

Make Sure That Your Shipping Information Is Correct

One of the first things you should do after creating a new page is to verify the shipping information. While it is not required that you enter the correct details, doing so will prevent you from being denied an order because of an incorrect shipping address. Be sure to enter the correct shipping information in the special notes section at checkout.

Set A Delivery Date

Another thing you should do after creating a new page is to set a delivery date. ClickFunnels allows you to enter an expected delivery date in Days/ Weeks/ Months. After that date is entered, the system will not permit you to place new orders until the previous ones have been shipped. This is particularly useful for customers that have a lot of items in their cart and would rather avoid having their package delivered late.

Monitor Your Sales

You can also choose to have Google Analytics track your sales on the new page. If you do, you will be able to see how many visitors come to the page, how often they visit, and what actions (such as adding products to their cart or making a purchase) they take while visiting the website.

Decide Whether To Enable Express Shipping

If you decide that you want to offer express shipping, you can do so on the new page. To offer fast, free shipping, you will need to have a button (such as the ones provided by Amazon) that allows customers to easily purchase it. You will need to decide whether to offer tracking information as well in order to let your customers know when the order has been delivered (it is usually good business practice to provide tracking information).

Once you have created a new page, you can send an email to the address registered with your account to let them know you have a new website. You can also choose to display the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the page in the email.

To launch your new website, log in to your existing account, navigate to the “Sales” tab, and click on “Order Confirmation” to get started. Or you can click here to get to the Order Confirmation page directly.