Today I have an interview with a personal hero of mine, Dylan Jones. Co-founder of Bluehost, as well as the highly successful businesses, EasyBlog, and MaxiBiz. He is also the co-creator of the ClickFunnels software.

I first became aware of Dylan when he built EasyBlog and started advertising on Reddit. He had an incredible story of how he built his businesses from the ground up, and I was fascinated by his strategies.

Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Dylan and getting to know him a little better. One of the things I love most about him is how honest and open he is about his journey.

The Early Days

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how he built his businesses, let’s back up a little bit and talk about his early days.

Dylan started his career in 2006, as a graphic designer. At the time, he was living in London and found himself struggling with boredom. One day, he decided to do something about this and launched EasyBlog.

The idea for EasyBlog came to him one day while he was shopping for household items. He was driving and had a lot of time to think. While he was in the car, he had the idea fora blog that would help people save money. He started creating prototypes of the site in his head, and eventually made a note of what he was planning on building. From there, the ideas started flowing. He decided to use WordPress because it was the best platform for building a website quickly. With the help of some tutorials, he was able to launch EasyBlog in a few days.

The Birth Of MaxiBiz

Fast forward to 2015 and Dylan is working on MaxiBiz, his company that builds websites for small businesses. One of the things that sets MaxiBiz apart from other companies is that it focuses on getting small businesses online as quickly and cheaply as possible. If you’ve ever seen the documentary, Shark Tank, you’ll know that lots of small businesses try to get their products seen and sold online. When they can’t afford a physical storefront, they try their luck at crowdfunding or finding a loan to grow their business. In most cases, this leads to disastrous results, leaving these businesses with huge debts and no prospects for financial recovery. MaxiBiz aims to be the antidote to that story. They provide free SEO for small businesses who want to get ahead in their market. So, for example, if you’re a hairdresser in London, you get a free website with SEO optimized for hairdressing. As a small business owner or entrepreneur who wants to succeed in your industry, you need a simple, free platform that can provide instant results. This is where MaxiBiz comes in.

The Birth Of Bluehost

Speaking of Shark Tank, one of the companies featured in the documentary that changed Dylan’s life was Bluehost. If you don’t know what Bluehost is, it’s a web hosting company that was started by two brothers, Jim and Jared, from Indiana. If you’ve ever tried to launch a website, you’ll know how expensive it can be. You’ll also likely have had experience with unreliable hosting companies that disappear into thin air once your website goes live. This is where Bluehost comes in. Bluehost provides an incredibly affordable and reliable service for website owners who want to launch their own businesses or simply want to create a professional-looking website for personal use.

How To Build A Successful Business

Dylan is generous enough to share some timeless advice with us about how to build a successful business.

1. Focus On Building A Quality Product

Even though some of your customers may be searching for something completely different from what you offer, the most successful products out there focus on a small number of extremely profitable niches. For example, take Avon, the world’s most valuable brand. They don’t just sell makeup and skincare products, they also sell fragrance, eyewear, and vitamins. What this means is that even if you’re a car wash company, you can set up a separate Twitter account for your products and engage with customers who are searching for car washes.

Quality is something that you can’t easily fake. Even if you try to copy something that is popular, you’re still going to end up with a substandard product that people can tell apart from the real thing. While this may be good for your own ego, it won’t help you achieve your goals as a business owner.

2. Identify Your Target Audience And Create Content That They Value

To continue with the Avon example, they knew that a large number of people were searching for ways to reduce their cancer-causing tanning beds. So, they created a video on the subject and posted it to YouTube. Not only did this help them build credibility within their target audience because they were providing them with valuable information, but it also meant that they were likely to show up anytime a customer searched for ways to reduce their tanning bed usage. In this way, they were able to gain credibility with their audience, as well as create deeper connections with people who were interested in their products or services. This is something that any business owner can do, if they have the time to spend doing so. In most cases, this involves creating content that people are more likely to value and responding to customer queries on social media.

3. Measure The Success Of Your Efforts

Even when you have the best product in the world and the most appealing UX imaginable, it makes no difference if nobody is able to find or use your product. To create a successful business, you need to have a process in place that allows you to track the performance of your marketing and content strategy. This might mean setting up a small affiliate program with a few reputable companies, or measuring the success of your content strategy with Google Analytics.

Even if you’re doing this from your phone, having a process that allows you to track the success of your efforts is vital in today’s world. With so much noise out there, it’s easy for consumers to get distracted and fall for the next big fad. To succeed as a business owner, you need to have a clear view of what is working and what needs to be changed. This is something that can only come from tracking the performance of your campaigns on a regular basis.

4. Spend Money On Marketing Channels That Will Work For You

One of the things that makes Bluehost so valuable is that they have a vested interest in seeing your business succeed. Not only do they provide you with a free platform, but they also offer SEO tips and strategies that can help you get your product in front of the right audience. So, they are more likely to help you than other companies whose only goal is to make a sale.

The SEO industry is a big and very profitable one. If you want to succeed as a business owner, you need to understand the importance of SEO and how to create a good strategy. With so much noise online and so many people trying to figure out how to rank websites, it’s easy for your potential customers to get lost in the shuffle. The more you can do to stand out, the more you’ll be able to achieve. This means investing in SEO is a great idea even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend.

Creating A Niche

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make money, you can launch a product review site that covers a broad spectrum of categories. While this might seem like a good idea at first, eventually, you’ll find yourself stuck in a rut. To create a successful business, you need to find your passion and stick to it. In most cases, this means creating a niche product or service.

Why create a niche product or service? It’s a great question, and it’s something that you should ask yourself if you’re looking to create a business. When you have a clear focus on a particular area, you can develop expertise in that area and be more valuable to your customers. This is why most successful businesses out there have a focused niche. For example, if you’re a landscaper who builds outdoor spaces, you can create a website that is solely focused on that subject matter. Even though your website will be valuable to your target audience, you’re not going to be able to grow your business exponentially, because there’s only so much competition in the landscaping space.