Dylan Jones is a young entrepreneur who created an entire product line – including t-shirts, baseball hats, and hoodies – for dogs. He put his skills to use and founded Doggy Style, a t-shirt company for dogs, that he manages from his dorm room at the University of Colorado.

He started his business while he was in college. During his junior year, he took a semester off to focus on doggie style and worked remotely for a company that designed and manufactured products for Apple. As his business grew, he moved off campus and leased an office space in downtown Denver. Today, he carries out all of his business operations from his dorm room.

Why Should You Use ClickFunnels?

Dylan decided to launch his doggie style business because there wasn’t an option available for pet owners who wanted to express their love for their furry friends in a unique way. But what exactly does that mean?

It means that if you’re passionate about pets, you may not have found a product that suits your needs. For instance, you might want a t-shirt that doesn’t have any words or pictures on it. Or, you might want a hoodie with your dog’s face on it. In either case, you’d have to go through multiple designers to find what you want, and that’s assuming that they carry your dog’s favorite theme or design.

With the help of his product developer, Chris, and his CFO, Ryan, Dylan launched Doggy Style in July 2016. From the beginning, he wanted to give customers what they want and need without having to go through multiple steps to find what they want. That’s why he decided to create his own product line.

How Does ClickFunnels Help?

From the moment he launched Doggy Style, Dylan began growing his business using the platform. At first, he just wanted to see how much traffic he could get to his website, so he used Google Analytics to track his clicks. The site hadn’t been designed by a professional, so he knew there was plenty of room for improvement.

What he discovered was that a significant percentage of his traffic was coming from people who were searching for the terms ‘best t-shirt for dogs’ or ‘coolest hoodie for dogs’ – terms that would have been hard for him to find if he hadn’t created the product line.

Dylan then turned to the ClickFunnels pricing strategy, which he found to be extremely affordable. Since he was just getting started, he was looking for a cheap way to gain traction and make sales. He also liked how straightforward the platform was to use. “Even if I wasn’t really confident in using it, I think anyone could figure it out,” he says.

How Has ClickFunnels’ Pricing Strategy Worked For You?

The pricing strategy of ClickFunnels – which is based on attracting and retaining a large audience while providing exceptional value – has served you well, hasn’t it? You’ve gained a lot of traction with your Doggy Style business and thousands of people are discovering your products every day. It’s definitely worked.

As you may imagine, running a business – especially a young business like yours – is expensive. You need to cover the cost of rent, utilities, website hosting, materials, sales staff, and much more. Not to mention the strain that it puts on your loved ones as you go through this journey together.

With the help of ClickFunnels, you can afford to operate your business without taking on too much debt. You’re investing in your business future, after all. And because you have a clear understanding of how much each part of your business costs you, you have the ability to plan and predict your expenses. This gives you a much better view of your own financial performance and how you’re spending your money.

Dylan’s favorite part about ClickFunnels is that it gives him and his team freedom to grow as they want. Previously, they had to work with retail stores that had limited inventory and expensive overhead. Now, they can work with any business they want, and plan out a shopping experience that will allow them to grow their business significantly while having fun doing so.

How Has The Shopping Experience At Your Store Changed?

Dylan describes his shopping experience at Doggy Style as something greater than just buying a t-shirt or hat for his dog. It’s an immersive experience that brings him and his pup closer together. It’s also a place where they can share their love for each other. It’s a space that his dog, Harley, enjoys visiting, as you can see in the video below.

Since Dylan opened his store, he’s gotten so much positive feedback from customers and is pleased to be able to provide a space for pets and their owners to connect. He believes that the unique experience that he and his team are able to offer through Doggy Style is something that differentiates them from other online stores.

What’s Next For Doggy Style?

Dylan wants his Doggy Style business to grow even more, and he’s looking for the right offer at the right time to do so. He’s been able to take a step back while his business grew, allowing him to see all of the little details that he needed to take care of. Now, he’s ready to put into action what he’s learned, and continue his journey to providing the best possible experience for his customers.

He’s looking for the right partner or investor to help him grow his business further, and gain the support that he needs to carry out this mission. If this sounds like you, then click here to continue reading.