I have been writing and creating content for more than a decade, and over the years, I have helped hundreds of companies, big and small, succeed with content marketing. I wanted to share my insider secrets on how to make money with ClickFunnels.

The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with ClickFunnels

In this guide, you will discover how to make money with ClickFunnels, the most popular and trusted digital marketing platform used by millions of websites across the globe. You will learn where to find the best possible deal, how to set up your account, and the most profitable ways to use the tool.

Where to Find the Best Possible Discount

The best place to find a discount is within the ClickFunnels app itself. There is usually a special offer within the app if you click on the “Learn More” button when signing up for a free account. You can use the following promo codes to get a % off your first purchase or free trial:

  • B1AGuY29ah
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If you are looking for a money-back guarantee, you can also try the ClickFunnels affiliate program. You will earn a commission for any sales you make, and the more you sell, the more you earn. For a simple and clean cash flow, you can opt for this route.

Create a Sales Funnel Through Your Blog

There are several ways to make money with ClickFunnels, but one of the most profitable is to create a sales funnel through your blog. The concept is pretty straightforward: attract potential customers to your blog with high-quality content, and then convert them into paying customers by offering products that they might be interested in. Let’s say you are passionate about fashion and style. You can use your blog to provide informative and unique content about fashion and style, and then follow up with a product review suggesting that readers purchase an activewear band or clutch for a special occasion.

Blogs that generate a lot of organic traffic are usually ripe for the picking when it comes to affiliate marketing. These are the type of blogs that attract people who are actively looking for the products that they read about. If you can get 10,000 to 20,000 monthly visits from organic traffic, you are very likely to make a lot of money with this approach.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, making money with ClickFunnels is really quite simple. You can get started for free, and after you make your first purchase, you will see a nice chunk of change in your PayPal account. Some people even report earning as much as six figures per month using this method.

Organic search traffic is the most valuable type of traffic you can get online. People searching for your product or service are already there, and they are interested in what you have to offer. All you need to do is provide them with value and quality content to attract them to your site.