If you’re reading this, I assume you’re either a lawyer or an internet marketer.

And if you’re reading this, I assume you’ve either been served with a summons or a court order in the course of your legal career or your internet marketing efforts. 

Because let’s face facts: those pesky terms and conditions are distracting you from getting some important legal work done or keeping your existing customers satisfied. 

Now is the time to put a stop to it. Here are some simple tips on how to get rid of the terms popup in ClickFunnels.

Adjust Your Privacy Settings

It’s crucial to understand that the terms popup is governed by the privacy settings of your ClickFunnels account. 

So if you want to get rid of this annoying agreement, you need to ensure that your privacy settings are adjusted to allow for greater customer engagement and convenience.

Thankfully, this isn’t too difficult. 

Go to your account settings and select the Privacy option. From here you can change the default privacy setting to be Private (user and merchant identify information are not displayed publicly on your website).

Alternatively, you can select Customer Only (your website’s customers are displayed, but other users are not).

The benefit of choosing Customer Only is that you can display messages to specific customers without the terms and conditions appearing on your website.

Disable The Autofill Feature

Have you ever visited a website and quickly found yourself filling out online forms because the browser automatically filled in the fields for you?

Chances are you’ve experienced this before and you’ve either hated it or found it inconvenient. 

If you use the free version of ClickFunnels, the autofill feature is enabled by default. Which means that any time a browser automatically fills out a form on your behalf, it will trigger the terms and conditions to appear.

Unless you want to be plagued by annoying notifications every time you make a purchase or sign up for a service, you should disable this feature. To do so, navigate to Settings > Autosave and then uncheck the Automatically Save Card Info box. 

Remove All The Unwanted Pages From Your Menu Bar

The terms popup is not the only thing that shows up when you click the Menu Bar at the top of your browser. 

Aside from the popup, you’ll also notice the various other buttons that are located there. When you click any of these buttons, you’ll be taken to a new webpage. 

While most of these pages are useful, there are a few that you don’t need. So it’s best to remove them. From your menu bar, simply hover over the button you want to remove and press the Delete key on your keyboard. The unwanted webpage(s) will vanish from your browser.

Pro-tip: Use Your Spouse’s Name Instead Of Your Own For Legal Documents

Did you know that if you’re getting a divorce, you need to use your spouse’s name for legal documents?

The reason is pretty simple: when a court officer or a court employee starts to search for your name in the court records, they will come across your spouse’s name and think that you’ve been married for a while and that you’re now divorcing.

So for all legal documents that you fill out during the course of your divorce proceedings, you should use your spouse’s name. And on the off-chance that your court records aren’t searchable (i.e. you’re not divorcing any famous people), you can use your own name.

For example, instead of Mary Jane Smith, use Jane Smith.

Consider Using A Virtual Office

Another way to get rid of the terms popup is to use a virtual office. A virtual office is a type of office within the cloud that you can setup at no cost. The great thing about these offices is that they are fully equipped with all the necessary amenities, including desktop computers, printers, scanners, etc.

The owner of the office can either be you or someone else. Ideally, you would want to use something like Cerberus to manage your virtual office. With Cerberus, you can set up automated email notifications whenever a new document is opened. So even if you’re not in the same location as the office owner, you’ll still receive the notifications.

If you do want a virtual office, simply go to https://myapp.com/create and follow the on-screen instructions. Once you’re in the app, you can either create a new office or select an existing one and then customize the layout and the amenities.

The Bottom Line

Getting rid of the terms popup is fairly simple when you know how. By regularly visiting this website, you’ll become more efficient at getting the job done. So don’t hesitate to come back for more.