The popularity of WordPress reveals itself in the many customizations available for the platform. From beautiful headers to showcasing videos to pricing plans and more, there is a theme for every need and desire. In this article, we will discuss how you can take advantage of WordPress’ built-in SEO features to promote your business using a free product from ClickFunnels, a leader in funnel marketing and a product I recommend to anyone wanting to grow a business online.

Why Is WordPress Suitable For Businesses & Bloggers?

WordPress is extremely popular because it’s free, it’s open source, and it has a huge community supporting it. These are the types of features that make WordPress a great fit for business owners and bloggers who want to grow their audiences and engage with potential customers.

In my opinion, WordPress is the perfect choice for a business or blog because it offers something for everyone. You get the stability of a leading platform coupled with the features that make it ideal for content creators. The SEO options are fantastic because you can use structured data and you don’t necessarily need to rely on Google for your rankings.

How Does ClickFunnels Integrate With WordPress?

The ClickFunnels team has done an amazing job at creating a product that makes integrating with various platforms easy and streamlined. It’s important to remember that you don’t need a fancy website to make use of ClickFunnels. Even those who have invested in a premium theme can still make the most of these features.

WordPress users will be able to take advantage of the funnel with two clicks. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll see a link to your dashboard in the footer of each page. From here, you can manage your funnel. You can add subscribers, purchase products, and give customers the sense of personalization you’d get from a traditional e-commerce website.

If you’d like, you can further personalize the user experience by integrating a third-party service like Hello Fresh or Uber Eats to offer customers special discounts or surprise offers. You can use a tool like Shoppe to easily integrate with over 80 different shopping carts and gateways, including my own WooCommerce store.

Creating an omni-channel approach where customers can experience you in many different ways is essential for business growth. While building a brand identity for your business, you don’t want to lose track of your existing customers who want to hear from you.

The key is to find a tool that integrates well with your existing platforms and systems. WordPress definitely fits that bill as it integrates easily with any e-commerce store, shopping cart, or online marketplace.

What Does The Funnel Look Like In Action?

Since you’ll be utilizing the same account for your ClickFunnels and WordPress sites, all of your website’s visitors are effectively subscribers. Therefore, you can start to see the value of the funnel right away. When customers click on a product in your list, they’ll be taken to a confirmation page. Here, they’ll need to enter their email address in order to create a free account and begin gaining access to your helpful resources.

Once they’ve created an account, they’ll be taken to a dashboard where they can begin viewing your funnels and making changes to add, modify, or completely transform their experience.

As I mentioned above, you can easily integrate with WordPress via the dashboard. This is the area where you can find all of your funnels and update the content within them. To make changes, simply click on a funnel in your dashboard to go to its settings page. Here, you can find the title, description, and pricing for that specific channel. You can further personalize the page by adding a header, a featured image, and changing the background color.

You can also find the link for the shopping cart in this area. This is a great feature because it makes it easy for customers to purchase the products you’re promoting. If you’re planning on using a shopping cart service like WooCommerce, you can put the order form directly inside your dashboard.

How Much Does It Cost To Use ClickFunnels?

The cost to use ClickFunnels is simply $19 a month plus up to $600 to purchase a full suite of professional products (that’s less than $7 a month). If you want to purchase a basic account, the cost is $5 a month plus up to $300 in additional charges (if you renew before the end of the year, the cost will be around $11 a month plus additional fees).

This pricing is based on the number of subscribers you have. If you’re just getting started, choose the free option. As you get more and more engaged with your audience, consider upgrading.

Where Can I Find The Most Suitable Platform For My Business?

If your business is new and you don’t yet have a solid foundation, you’ll want to choose a platform that allows you to grow and develop your presence organically. As you get more established, you can consider looking at paid advertising, sponsored posts, or affiliate marketing to gain more income.

Using WordPress For Free

If you want to use WordPress for free, you’ll need to register for a free account. You’ll have to enter a valid email address and choose a password. After that, you’ll be able to start building a site immediately. You don’t need to purchase any additional products to do this. While you’re free, the dashboard doesn’t offer many options for personalization or optimization.

WordPress holds a huge amount of potential if you know how to utilize it. Even if you don’t want to run your business on a platform like WordPress, you can use these tools to gain greater insight and engage with your audience more effectively.