If you’re starting a blog, you’ve likely considered the role that social media could play in its success. Having a healthy social media following can greatly expand your audience and allow you to connect with people who might not even have known about your blog before.

With the right strategy, you can take advantage of social media to drive traffic to your blog and ultimately grow your business.

The problem is that building a social media following can be hard. It requires a lot of effort and a lot of content to attract and retain your audience. Plus, you’re competing with other brands and bloggers for attention on social media channels.

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about Buzzsprout. With Buzzsprout, you can take the headache out of creating content for social media.

The Basics Of Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout is a free tool that allows you to create video content and integrate it with your blog, all without needing to worry about hosting or payments. To use Buzzsprout, simply head to the website and click the big green button that says “Get Started With Buzzsprout.”

You’ll see a short video that explains how Buzzsprout works. Once you’ve watched the video, click the big green button again to get started.

As soon as you start a blog with WordPress, you’ll see a button in the dashboard that says “Add video.” After you click that button, you’ll see a form that allows you to pick a template for your video content. From there, you can start a quick video tour of your blog or a quick explanation of a product or service you’re promoting.

At any point in the process, you can click the big green button to go back to the dashboard and review your progress so far. From the dashboard, you can access all of the tools that Buzzsprout has to offer.

Why Should You Try Buzzsprout?

Let’s be honest, building a social media following takes a lot of effort. It starts with trying to gain the audience’s interest and then proceeds to keeping their attention with worthwhile content.

With Buzzsprout, your effort is already done. The tool takes care of all the hard work for you. You simply need to plug in the information needed to generate the content and then watch as Buzzsprout does the rest.

Not only that, but you can also use the information that Buzzsprout collects to populate your blog with more content. For example, if you’re doing a video tutorial on how to install a home alarm system, you can use the tool to find the best locations to post that content so that it reaches the largest audience possible.

How Can Buzzsprout Help?

One of the tools that Buzzsprout has is the location tool. You can use this tool to find the best places to post your content based on the demographics that are most likely to engage with your target audience. So, if you’re aiming to educate millennials about the importance of security in your area, you can use the tool to find the best video content locations in your area.

If you want to dig into the analysis, you can find the best spots to target specific demographics, like millennials, within the United States or Canada. For example, you can use the tool to find the top video content spots in Toronto.

Or, if you want to go the other direction and aim to attract a more general audience, you can use the tool to find the best places to post your content in other cities and towns across the U.S.

All in all, the location tool is a great asset to Buzzsprout. It allows you to easily find the best spots for your content and to figure out which cities and townships are the best for your blog content. Plus, the tool provides you with a ton of demographic information about your target audience.

Another helpful tool in Buzzsprout is the social media analysis tool. With this tool, you can see how your content is performing on different social media platforms, like Twitter or Instagram.

The analysis tool provides you with a ton of information about your content, including how many views each post has, the demographics of your followers, and more.

You can then use this info to find the right places to promote your content, across all the platforms that you use. For example, you can see that my blog posts about location analytics get the most views, so I’m likely to get more engagement on Twitter than I would if I posted about my experiences as a mom.

Where Can I Post My Content?

The short answer to this question is everywhere. You can use the tool to find the best platforms for your content and then use those platforms to reach your audience.

For example, if you want to educate millennials about the importance of home security, you can use the blog platform of your choice (e.g., WordPress) to start a blog about home security. Then, you can use the free Buzzsprout tool to find the best places, based on your chosen geography, to post that content. 

Once you’ve found those places, all you need to do is post your video content and enjoy the increased engagement and traffic that follows!