As an entrepreneur, you are probably used to spending most of your time and energy growing your business. But did you know that you can use marketing to attract potential customers even while you are busy doing other things? That’s where a ClickFunnels PDF comes in! A PDF (Portable Document Format) is a document that can be read even without a computer. So you can take a quick break from what you are doing and read an informative business guide or marketing plan without worrying about having the file on your computer.

What Is a ClickFunnels PDF?

A ClickFunnels PDF is an electronic version of a regular printed PDF that you can send to a potential customer to read on their phone or computer. To create one, simply log into your ClickFunnels account, choose the PDF template, and then enter the details of your document. But unlike a normal PDF, a clickfunnels PDF can contain embedded videos, web links, and other interesting features that you can use to grab the reader’s attention.

Why Would I Use a ClickFunnels PDF?

Besides the fact that a ClickFunnels PDF is easy to create and can be used for customer acquisition, you can use it for a variety of marketing and sales purposes. Here are just a few examples of how you can use a ClickFunnels PDF.

Product Launches

Product launches are one of the most exciting times in a product’s lifecycle. You worked hard to develop that product, and now you can share it with the world (or at least your target audience). But to get people to try out your new product, you will need to advertise it in some way. You could create a webinar where you talk about the ins and outs of the product or use a free platform like ClickFunnels to publish a whitepaper or FAQ sheet.

Now, instead of sending out physical products and having to track down and deal with dissatisfied customers, you can simply send out your press release and watch as people start showing up at your doorsteps.

Sales Presentations

Presentations are a lot more than just a talking point. Giving a sales presentation is one of the best ways to make an impact and gain some authority in your industry. For example, if you run a cleaning service, giving a presentation on green living may lead to new customers and referrals. So, if you are good at speaking, you could use a presentation to convince investors or potential employees that you are the right person to run the company.

A good sales presentation should be able to grab the audience’s attention, make them believe that you know what you are talking about, and encourage them to take further action. For that matter, why not create a presentation that combines both content with an interactive element? You can use tools like Slideshare to create sleek, polished videos that contain embedded infographics and other graphics that you can use to further engage the audience.

Marketing Plans

The average person spends thousands of hours per year reading and writing marketing material. Whether it’s an annual report or a pitch for a new product, someone (hopefully you!) is working hard to promote your company and convince clients that you are the person they should choose to work with.

But let’s be honest, creating these plan documents is more work than just about anything else. So if you want to take a quick break from creating a pitch to enter the rest of your day, why not try using a tool like ClickFunnels to create an informative, compelling marketing plan that you can send to interested parties? By creating a concise yet comprehensive plan, you can show clients that you took the time to think of everything that they need to know and then some. And if it gets adopted and used by other businesses, you win!

How Do I Publish My PDF?

Once you have your PDF ready, the next step is to find a way to get it out there to as many people as possible. Fortunately, that is easy to do. You can put the link to the PDF in an email or share it on social media.

Although you can’t always guarantee that someone will take the bait and click on a link, you can rest assured that they will see it. And if not, at least you gave them something interesting to read while they were waiting for the bus or stuck in traffic. So in some ways, you can see publishing a PDF as less of a task and more of a joy. Publishing a PDF means that you have something to share and that someone may find it useful or entertaining.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this article gave you some good ideas about how to use a PDF for your business. If we’ve covered a topic that you’re not familiar with, make sure to pick up a book on marketing or PR and learn more – it’s a great way to efficiently grow your business!