Would you like to make your landing page a little more personalized or colorful? You can! With just a few simple tweaks, you can change the colors of your entire landing page to fit your brand. Additionally, you can make the text on the page more vibrant or choose a background image for the entire landing page. This article will go over some of the basic details on how to do this in ClickFunnels. Keep reading for more information.

Pick A Color

One of the first things you’ll want to do is to pick a unique color for your landing page. If you’re using the sample layout, you can use the color picker in the dashboard to quickly choose a color. Remember, though, that this is the first thing users will see when they visit your landing page, so make sure that the color is engaging enough but not so distracting that it hurts your conversion rates. For best results, choose a color that is not used anywhere else on the site. This will help establish your brand and give your page a unique identity.

Customize The Title And Subtitle

Depending upon how much content you have on your page, you may want to make adjustments to the title and subtitle. The title is the single most important element of your page as it will appear in search engines. Consider using H1, H2, or H3 headlines to set the tone for the page. Ensure that your chosen headline is relevant to the content that you’re presenting and that it will appeal to your target audience. Subtitle is the short piece of text that appears below the headline. It is generally used to define the page briefly, give some additional details about the content, or provide some additional value for the reader. You can use the subtitle to emphasize a key word or point that you want the reader to remember.

Decorate Your Page With Photos & Graphics

A landing page is an excellent place to put visual content. If you have a graphic designer, you can use their services to help you create a unique identity for your page that will appeal to your readership. If not, you can always use tool like Printful to easily create amazing infographics and diagrams that you can use as inspiration.

You can also add photos to your page to make it more memorable. If you have a stock photo gallery, like Shutterstock, you can select a free image that will fit the role you need the photo to play. To add impact to your page, put the photos in motion by adding a graphic like a growth chart, a waterfall chart, or a pie chart. Remember that photos should always relate back to the content on the page. If you need a photo of a face to represent a product’s characteristics, you may want to look into getting ahold of a professional headshot.

With just a few tweaks, you can bring life to your landing page and make it fit your brand. Be sure to choose a color that is relevant to your niche, edit the title and subtitle to suit the content, add some photos, and you’ll be able to impress your visitors.