If you’ve ever tried to run a business or operated a blog, you know that it’s challenging to automate the processes that come with growing a brand or website.

Inbound Marketing and Growth at GetResponse help businesses and blogs of all sizes find the success they’re looking for by teaching customers to automate marketing and sales processes.

Whether you’ve got a brand new site or you’re just looking to streamline your current approach, they can help you choose the right tools to maximize your results.

Why GetResponse?

GetResponse was founded in 2007 and is now one of the largest and most reputable email marketing software providers in the world. With over a million users and a user base across nearly all industries, they’re certainly a company to consider.

And it’s not just their size that makes them a good choice for your business. Like most vendors, they also offer a free plan that allows you to sign up and test out their software without worrying about financials.

How Does GetResponse Fit With ClickFunnels?

Thanks to the power of the internet and email, connecting GetResponse to ClickFunnels is easy. When a user signs up for a free account on either platform, they get an email confirmation with a special link that allows them to connect the two platforms. From there, it’s simple to get up and running with taking online orders or setting up email campaigns for your clients.

With the integration of the two platforms, you can automate just about every aspect of your business from sending emails to taking online orders. And since online commerce is growing year after year, this is a feature that can be very useful.

What Features Can I Use In My Free Account?

Once you’ve connected GetResponse to ClickFunnels, you can use their free plan to its fullest. Even though you have a free account, you get all the features that they have to offer and more. As a marketing software pioneer, they definitely have lots of experience to offer and can help you take your business to the next level.

Which One Should I Try First?

As a new business owner or blogger who’s looking to build a better mousetrap, you have lots of options when choosing an email marketing platform. But if you’re looking for a simple and free solution, you can’t go wrong with GetResponse.

Thanks to their famous acronym, the NRG System, they’ve built a software platform that makes it easy for business owners to automate all the steps involved in capturing and converting leads into paying customers. And with over 300 templates to choose from, you can be confident that you’re getting a good looking email campaign builder.

For the software tester that wants to see how email marketing software works and how it can be useful for growing a business, they’ve got a special offer for a free trial that lets you try their software for 7 days. What could you learn in just 7 days that you couldn’t learn in a month?