Have you ever found yourself on holiday or a family vacation and wandered into a hotel’s website to take a look at their room availability? Chances are you’ll see a lot of rooms for sale with the caption “this hotel is undergoing renovations – sorry, the hotel is now closed for renovations” and images of empty rooms with “toilets” or “shower-cabins” or worse, “pool towels” hanging on the wall. It doesn’t exactly set the mood for a relaxing vacation.

The hotel probably uses a third-party vendor to manage their reservations and marketing, but they’ve still got a lot of manual labor in-house. They’ve got to go through all of their rooms and update the website with the availability of each room. After checking in, they’ve got to find the bathroom signs and bathroom furniture for each room. If anything’s missing, they’ve got to hunt it down and either rent or buy it themselves.

Meanwhile, the vacationer arrives at the hotel and begins to check in. There’s a lot of paperwork. The front desk person welcomes them and hands them their key. The new guest registers their key and checks out their room. Everything feels a little bit overwhelming already.

After spending some time in their room, the guest decides to head to the room spa. Maybe they’ve got a massage therapy appointment in the morning. Or maybe they just want to relax with a drink in the hotel’s famous garden. When they return to their room, they find a strange man in their room. He’s the renovation/management guy for the hotel. He’s wearing a hard hat and holding a clipboard. He wants to start by apologizing for the inconvenience. They probably won’t get their room renovated until next year.

The room has been under renovation since last year and there’s been a lot of delays. The hotel owner asked the vendor for a quote to renew the room and they agreed that it would be cheaper to renovate it themselves. Unfortunately, their resources are limited and they can’t keep pumping money into the project. They’ve got families to support so most of the work has been delayed. As a result, the hotel’s manager has been working very hard to make sure all of the logistics are in place for the upcoming tourism season. They’ve got to make sure that everyone who’s staying at the hotel this year will be happy and feel at home. They’ve got to take care of any last-minute issues – whether it’s a delayed renovation or an issue with the room’s internet connection.

They started by renovating the bathroom and the bed. They’ve got huge plans to update the room with new furniture and fittings, but they needed to reestablish the hotel’s identity first. Once they got that, they could start working on the rest of the room. They’ve also got a pool table, ping pong table, foosball table and even an outdoor shower for guests to use. They wanted to give the room a modern, youthful vibe.

The pool area and breakfast room are also under construction. In fact, all of the public spaces are. It’s a good thing. It means the hotel still has some charm. Guests will feel right at home. They can still enjoy their stay even if the room doesn’t look exactly like what they’re used to seeing online. There’s a reason why they chose this particular hotel; it’s because of the charm and character of the building itself. Unfortunately, it also means there’s less staff around to take care of them. Fewer people equals more work for the hotel manager and their staff.

Even the hotel’s logo and signage are undergoing a complete makeover. They want to create a cohesive look throughout the hotel. The logo will be updated with a new font and a fresh coat of paint. The hotel’s wordmark is being recolored in order to match the new logo and design.

All Of This For An Under Construction Page

Did you know that hotels pay hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in Google Adwords?

They know that a lot of their guests are searching for “hotels near me” or “top-rated hotels” or “great places to stay near me.” So, in order to get those searchers to their website, they’ve created an under construction page. They’ve focused on building out the content, so they’ve got plenty of things to choose from.

There’s no such thing as a useless or inactive page on WordPress. Even if you don’t use WordPress to manage your blog, you still have a lot of content sitting around. When a hotel decides to go down this route, they’re usually aiming at least a million searches per day. So, there’s a lot of content to work with. They’ve also focused on building out the content for their existing keywords, so they’ve got a ready-made audience already.

They’re also using the under construction page to try and drum up business. Even if they don’t get any direct bookings through Google Ads, they know that their guests will see the page and either think “that looks interesting,” or “this place is definitely undergoing repairs, maybe I’ll give it a try” or “this place is definitely not worth it.” So, they’re also using the under construction page to drum up business through word of mouth. If nothing else works, they’ve got a thousand words sitting pretty on their site.

This hotel is clearly aiming at the millennial market. They’ve got a gym, pool, sundecks and a spa. They want to attract young adults who want to enjoy a nice long weekend getaway. If you’re reading this, you’re most likely in the 25-34 age range. So, you’re the right audience.

Even if you don’t stay at the hotel, you’ll probably walk past it. It’s on the main drag. It’s got a big orange sign out front. There’s going to be some kind of construction activity happening there. Did you really need to know that?

No one wants to stay at a filthy, noisy hotel, but there’s also no point in staying at a hotel that doesn’t feel like a hotel. It’s perfectly normal for hotels to want to renovate rooms and public spaces in order to improve the experience for their guests. It’s also perfectly normal for them to want to draw in more business. If you’re going to be renovating any spaces, build out content for your target audience first. It’ll make the whole process go more smoothly. And, in case you’re wondering, yes, they do speak English there.

Do you have a fun and interesting story about your hotel’s renovation process?