Bump, the subscription service that sends physical products to your door, grew from selling a $10 a month box of snacks to expanding into apparel, home goods, and more.

They’ve now partnered with Clickfunnels to provide users with a no-scared, simple way to create a subscription store.

In this article, you’ll discover how to use Clickfunnels to build a subscription store from scratch to generating your first $200 a month in revenue.

Pro-Tip: Use Your Bump Account to Test Products and Promotions

One of the unique things about Bump is that they give you the option of either paying with a credit card or leveraging their free trial to try out new products and promotions.

The great thing about this approach is that you can test out new products and offers without risking your own money. This gives you the opportunity to measure the effectiveness of products and promotions without actually having to launch a full-fledged subscription store. 

When launching a new product or doing a promotion, you can utilize the power of discovery through A/B testing to gather vital information about what works and what doesn’t. 

Set Up Your Online Store in no time

If you’ve ever worked with Shopify, you’ll feel right at home with Bump’s simple, yet effective, dashboard. Once you’ve set up your store with the appropriate information, it’s ready to accept memberships and enable you to start making money.

Bump makes setting up an online store very straightforward. All you need to do is provide a domain name, pick a theme, and setup some basic information about your store (e.g., the name, description, and pricing).

After setting up your store with this information, you can choose whether you want to use a coupon code or click on a button to create a free account. You’ll then be taken to your store where you can start adding product pages, entering promo codes, and so on. 

Make Money With Multiple Streams of Income

Thanks to automation, you can make money online even without a marketing background. Once you’ve got a good amount of traffic, you can use affiliate marketing to promote products on your site that generate money online

If you think that visitors to your site are most likely to be interested in one product, you can create a single product blog. Alternatively, you can create separate blogs for each of the products you promote on your site. 

Product blogging is a great way to build a following and establish yourself as an expert in your industry. When you eventually begin selling and promoting affiliate products, you’ll have an audience to market products to. 

Make Money With a Free Website

You don’t need a special product to be able to monetize a blog. All you need is a free website and a way to earn money from affiliate marketing or selling and displaying ads. 

One popular method is to create a blog around a topic you’re passionate about. Then, using affiliate marketing, you can promote products related to your blog’s topic. You can use a tool like ConvertKit to easily create free online stores and blog posts as well as collect email leads and followings.

If you’re interested, you can even get started for free using WordPress.com. Just remember that you’ll need to look for products to promote and set up an affiliate account (if you don’t have one already) before you can make money online with a free website.

Make Money With a Dropshipping Store

If you’ve got a product or two that you think is going to be popular, you can create a store solely to sell and ship those products. You don’t need to invest in inventory, shelves, or storage because all you need is a storefront. 

When a customer makes an order, you’ll order that product from a third party (most likely a manufacturer, vendor, or wholesaler) and ship it directly to the customer. When they receive the product, the item will be documented as delivered and payment will be handled separately. 

There’s a big misconception about dropshipping: people assume that it’s easy to make money using this strategy. While it is true that you don’t need a huge investment to get started, it is also true that you need to have a reliable income to cover your costs. 

Make Money With a One-Off Donation

If you’re looking for a way to make money online that doesn’t require selling or promoting products, you can opt for a one-off donation strategy. For example, you can start a GoFundMe page and ask people to contribute money to support a charity you’re passionate about. 

You’ll need to be creative with your charities and causes since you’re not going to launch a GoFundMe page to raise money for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. You might want to consider creating a page for the International Rescue Committee, which focuses on helping victims of war and natural disasters. In some cases, you might even want to create a specific page for a cause you’re supporting.

Make Money With a Facebook Live Show

If you’re comfortable using Facebook Live, you can use the platform to create and host your own web shows. You can use Facebook Live to record videos answering questions, talking about current events, or just explaining something.

With a web show, you can charge viewers either monetarily (e.g., through ads or a membership) or can give them something worth paying for (e.g., access to a certain event or content). You can use a tool like Rev.com to create web shows and monetize them through sponsorships, affiliate marketing, or a combination of the two.

The great thing about a Facebook Live show is that it can easily become a money-maker. Just remember that you need to build a following on the platform before you can start making money through your show.

Make Money With a YouTube Channel

YouTube creators can make a huge amount of money through affiliate marketing, brand sponsorships, and display ads. The great thing about YouTube is that there are so many different ways you can make money. You don’t need to specialize in one particular area.

If you’re new to YouTube, you can also make money through an initial affiliate marketing campaign where you promote products related to your channel’s content. You can then integrate Google Adsense into your videos’ description to start making money online through adverts before your viewers start declining those ads as well.

Make Money With a Travel Blog

Tired of running up expensive travel bills? You can use your travel blog to document your journeys and monetize the content. 

You can do this through several different monetization strategies. For example, you can use affiliate marketing to promote products relevant to your travel blog. When a customer makes a purchase after reading your blog post, you’ll earn a commission.

Another option is to use Google Adsense on your travel blog. You can then insert Google Analytics links into your content to track the effectiveness of your ads. 

Monetize Your Passion With These Ideas

There are myriad ways you can make money online. If you’ve got a passion project, you can develop a course or website around affiliate marketing, dropshipping, or a one-off donation strategy. You can also create a travel blog or use social media to grow a following.

Remember: you don’t need to have a massive audience to be able to make money online. All you need is a reliable income and the guts to pursue your dream.