The Automated Slider in ClickFunnels is an all-in-one product that helps you build a sales funnel and capture leads. What is a sales funnel? It’s a term used when someone decides to purchase a product or service after visiting your website.

Let’s say you’re running a website selling sunglasses. You might have something like this:

1. Visit the website
2. Watch an automated slideshow of colorful sunglasses
3. Decide to buy a pair of sunglasses
4. Fill out their purchase form or contact them via phone or email to arrange a delivery

You’ll want to take a look at the Automated Slider in ClickFunnels to get started. With this product, you can create a mock-up of a store front with multiple products for sale and integrate with affiliate marketing, e-commerce or membership websites.

The Automated Slider in ClickFunnels

The Automated Slider in ClickFunnels is actually two products in one. The first is the automated slider itself which features a scrolling vertical carousel with Thumbnail images of product offerings. When a user clicks on a product image, they’ll be taken to a customized sales page where they can learn more about that product.

The second part is the ClickFunnels Template which comes with the product and allows you to quickly create a store front with multiple product offerings. When a user gets to that sales page, they’ll hopefully have an idea of what they want and will make a purchase quickly without having to navigate around multiple product pages.

Why Use an Automated Slider in Your Sales Funnel?

An automated slider makes the selling process more efficient. When you have a lot of products to showcase, it can be hard to keep all the information in your head. The Automated Slider in ClickFunnels makes it easy. When a user lands on a sales page with an automated slider, they’ll immediately know what products they’re interested in purchasing without having to click around to learn more.

An automated slider can also replace repeated product descriptions and bullet points which can confuse and overwhelm a potential customer. When they arrive at a sales page with an automated slider, the product information is already presented in a concise and easy to understand manner.

An automated slider is ideal for e-commerce or online stores where customers can be easily distracted by the various offers and discounts the store has to offer. With an automated slider, all the user has to do is choose which product they wish to purchase and then click the purchase button.

One of the major advantages of the ClickFunnels package is that while you’re building your funnel, you can already integrate with affiliate marketing, e-commerce and social media to start gaining traffic and making sales. There’s no need to spend lots of time figuring out the technicalities of running an online store. You can use the automated slider to launch your store immediately and begin making sales.

How Can an Automated Slider Help My Business?

The Automated Slider in ClickFunnels allows you to build and launch a sales funnel in just a few minutes. While you’re building your sales funnel, you can already start gaining a following on social media and getting traffic to your website.

You can also use the product to create a mock storefront with multiple products for sale. Once you have your mock storefront, you can use the traffic you gathered to turn those clicks into sales. This is important because it means you don’t have to rely on expensive paid advertising to gain customers. The more you rely on marketing strategies that cost money, the more you’ll lose.

An automated slider is a quick and easy solution that can help you generate revenue quickly while you build your business.