When you have a product that sells itself, why would you need to use a lead generation tool to acquire leads? Especially when you can’t afford to pay high commissions.

But that’s what you have when you have a SaaS (Software as a Service) product. A product that you sell to other businesses. Why would you need to acquire leads when you’re already getting paid by the product?

The answer is that you don’t. Not if you want to keep your business sustainable. Because if you’re just using paid advertising to acquire customers (which is basically what most businesses do) then, over time, your advertising costs will start to eat into your profits. Which means either you have to pick up the pace of your growth or find a way to make more money off your product.

Raise Your Prices

One of the first things you should do if you’re determined to make your ClickFunnels sales sustainable is to raise your prices. A bit. At least initially. It might seem counterintuitive, but in order to make more money, you’ll need to start charging more. At least, that’s what happens when you’re operating under the “you can’t afford to lose” mentality. If you do this gradually and steadily, your customers will certainly notice and appreciate the increase.

Let’s say you’ve already increased your prices to some extent and you’re desperately looking for more revenue. One way to make a little extra money is to start a side business. Something that will generate additional revenue streams. Maybe you’ll develop an app for businesses that want to create online stores. Or maybe you’ll create an affiliate app where you’ll match affiliate sales to businesses.

When you have additional revenue streams, it’s possible to make your ClickFunnels sales more sustainable. Meaning you can grow your business without relying so heavily on lead generation.

Diversify Your Customer Base

In the same way you can’t completely rely on one source of income, you shouldn’t make your ClickFunnels customer base all-consuming either. In case you’re wondering, a customer base is a group of people (either current or potential) who’ve decided to buy your product or service. When you have a product that sells itself, you don’t need to rely on other businesses or channels to bring you customers. You can simply sell to your existing customer base.

So if you have an existing customer base, it’s a safe assumption that you’ve designed a product that they want. And they’re willing to pay for. Which means you can simply raise your prices and continue to grow your business.

How To Make Sales From Your ClickFunnels Account

If you’ve been using the clickfunnels pricing plan, you’ll know that you can’t generate sales from within the platform. At least not in the way you’re probably used to getting them. For example, you can’t sell a product directly from your home page. You need to go to the pricing plan and click on “contact us” before you can start making sales.

The reason behind this is simple. When you hit the generate sales button, you’d be taken to a checkout page where you’d have to input your shipping details. Which, in most cases, is not what you want. You want to stay on the same page and continue to browse.

Instead, you need to link your clickfunnels account to a shopping cart service like Shopify or Bigcommerce. The two platforms are incredibly popular with online stores. And you can integrate your shopping cart with your email marketing service so when a customer makes a purchase, they get an email marketing send-out. Not only is this a great way to keep in touch with your customers, but it also shows you how much they’ve spent on your product.

So you can see how much money you’re making and how much money you need to spend. Which, in turn, will allow you to make better business decisions about your products. Better decisions like whether or not to increase your prices or start an affiliate program.

Make More Quality Sales

When you’re deciding to make your ClickFunnels sales more sustainable, you need to focus on more than just increasing your prices and getting an affiliate program up and running. You need to find ways to make more money from your current customers. Meaning the folks who’ve already decided to buy your product.

To achieve this, you can create special offers and discounts for your customers. Or you can give them better customer service. Something that will make them willing to come back for more. Or you can add more value to your product so when they do need to be replaced, it’s not as big of a purchase.

You see, when you have a product that sells itself, you don’t need to rely on advertising or lead generation to make sales. You simply need to keep creating products that your customers want.

Creating a successful SaaS business is a lot of work. And it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to figure out what works and what doesn’t. To find your sweet spot where you can price your products appropriately and still make a good bit of money. But if you keep at it and follow the advice in this article, you’ll be able to create a sustainable business model that will allow you to continue to grow your product.