The ClickFunnels badge is a universally recognizable symbol of a quality product or service, but it’s also a symbol of trustworthiness. Few other logos are as recognized or as relevant today as the CF badge.

While there is no specific rule about how frequently you have to change your badge, there is one guideline you must follow: always remove it when you can. The more frequently you remove it, the better.


Because people who visit your site already have a positive experience there. So, you don’t need to tell them everything about your company, you can let your product do the talking. Remember, the goal is to attract and retain customers not distract them.

How Does The CF Badge Work

At its core, the CF badge stands for “click here to confirm”. When visitors click on it, they are taken to a confirmation page where they can confirm their email address or find more information about your company. While most web hosting companies will give you a free domain name and a few clicks, the CF badge proves you’re more than a web host and your product is worth buying.

Even if you decide not to use ClickFunnels for your product, you can still download the free tool and set up a simple confirmation page on your own domain name.

It’s important to note that although the CF badge is commonly associated with ClickFunnels, it can be applied to any product or service with a confirmation page.

What is a Confirmation Page?

A confirmation page is a special page designed to grab a user’s attention and make them trust you. It’s often used for email verifyations and can also be found on websites that offer deals or discounts. In the case of a deal website, the goal is to entice customers to enter their email address so you can send them a discount or notification of a special event or sale.

The key to creating an effective confirmation page is to choose a design that is not only memorable but also indicates your product or service is of good quality. A simple design that is uncluttered usually does the trick. You also want to make sure that the page has a clear call-to-action (CTA) button because no one wants to spend more than a few moments on a confirmation page without knowing exactly what to do.

Where Do I Put The Badge?

In terms of location, you want to put the badge on the page somewhere so that it doesn’t clutter up the design but it is also easily visible to visitors. Ideally, you want the badge to be displayed in the center of the page above the fold so that it can be seen without having to scroll down to find it.

Avoid putting the badge on a page that is already overloaded with text or images because it will most likely end up looking like a cluttered mess. For the best results, put the badge on a simple landing page that isn’t linked to any other part of the site.

How Often Should I Change The Badge?

As with all branding and marketing materials, you should review the CF badge on a regular basis to make sure it keeps its relevancy and to ensure it still matches your brand. One thing to keep in mind is that having a CF badge on your site doesn’t mean you have to use ClickFunnels to create your product. You can use a simple email verification form instead.

However, you should remove the badge once you are no longer associated with the company or if you want to replace it with another product. Changing the badge means you’re recognizing and rewarding excellence even if you’re not tied to a specific tool anymore.