If you own a funnels website then you’ll know how difficult it can be to get people to leave a website they’ve been on before. Seeing as though you’ve already built a connection with them, you might think that a countdown timer would help your conversion.

The countdown timer is a tool that allows you to set a limited amount of time for your visitors to take action. When the timer hits zero (or your designated time) you’re presented with a pop-up prompting your visitors to take the desired action. If they don’t take action within the specified time, they’ll either have to keep browsing the site or visit another one.

Setting up this tool is quite simple and it’s already implemented on several of our winning funnels. Let’s take a look at how you can set one up so you can start boosting your conversion immediately.

The Basics

To start, you’ll need to go to the Settings tab of your funnels dashboard and then choose the Timer option. From here you can select how long you want the countdown to be for and you can set the popup to be displayed either after the timer has elapsed or when the visitor returns to the site. You can also choose to have the popup only appear once or you can configure it to appear every time the timer elapses.

Depending on your design preferences you can choose either a grey or a blue background for the pop-up. If you’d like, you can upload your own or use the default square or rounded design (you’ll see below).

The Settings

Next, you’ll want to choose when the popup should appear. You have two options here: Once the Timer has elapsed or On Page Navigation. You’ll typically want to choose the first one unless you have a specific reason to choose the second.

The Timer option allows you to display the countdown pop-up after a set amount of time has elapsed. You have the option of configuring this to be either immediately or at a later point in time. If you choose the later, you can set a time delay before it appears.

The On Page Navigation option works similar to The Timer option, except that it will appear at the very end of your visitors’ visit as they’re about to leave. You can see more information about the On Page Navigation option here. 

Color Scheme

On the next page you’ll see three tabs: Background, Text and Links. Simply choose a color scheme you like and the text will be applied to the popup.

If you decide you want the background of your popup to match the color scheme, simply click on the button to choose the same. You can also apply the text color to the pop-up by clicking on the text link.

If you have a solid background behind your text (e.g., white space on a dark blue background), the text will pop out more effectively.

Fonts & Sizes

On the next page you’ll see some text boxes where you can type the text you want to display in your pop-up. Next to each one is a drop-down menu with several choices for the font and size of your text.

The options here are: San Francisco (Bold), San Francisco (Normal), Arial, Helvetica, Tahoma and Times New Roman. To view a sample of how each one looks, simply click on one of the text boxes.

As you view samples of how the fonts look, notice how some of them are more effective than others when used for a countdown pop-up. The choice is yours.

Once you’ve made your selection, click on the blue button to choose the font and size for your pop-up.

Positioning & Spacing

Next, you’ll see a box where you can input the X and Y positions where you’d like the popup to be displayed. These are the coordinates of the upper-left corner of the pop-up relative to the upper-left corner of the browser window. Simply type in the values you see in front of you and then click on the blue button to choose the position.

Now, let’s take a look at how the popup will appear when the timer has elapsed or when the visitor has finished navigating your funnels. 

Immediate Or Deferred

The final step is to set the amount of time you want the countdown pop-up to appear for. This will be the case regardless of whether you’ve chosen The Timer option or the On Page Navigation option. You can set either a start or end time for your timer by clicking on the blue button.

If you choose the start time, the pop-up will display immediately after the Timer has elapsed. If you choose the end time, the pop-up will appear once the Timer has ended and then the visitor will have to click a link or visit another one of your funnels to leave the site.

Once you’ve made your selections, click on the blue button to set your countdown pop-up.

Now that you have your pop-up set up, you can take a look at some of the other settings found in the plugin’s dashboard. From here you can disable or enable the timer on a per-page basis. In addition, you can change the design of the plugin’s various elements (including the background color, text and links) and can also upload a new logo to represent your funnels.