If you’re reading this, I assume you’re either already a customer of ClickFunnels or are planning to become one.

In either case, I want to let you know how you can log in and get started using the funnels designed by our member companies.

Create An Account

The first thing you need to do is create an account with ClickFunnels.

Not only will this allow you to track your web traffic and analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns, but it will also give you access to tools that can help you grow your business.

You’ll also need to enter your email address and select a password.

Don’t worry. We’ll not sell your email address to anyone and you can always opt out of receiving emails from us at any time.

Log In

Now that you have an account, you can log in and access your dashboard.

You’ll see that there are several different areas to the dashboard, including your sales funnel.

The sales funnel is a part of the dashboard that helps you track your business’ performance through different phases of the marketing process.

Like a real funnel, your sales funnel will have a beginning, a middle, and an end. And just like a real funnel, you can monitor the traffic coming into each stage and determine whether or not you should adjust your strategy for greater effectiveness.

Use The Dashboard

After you log in, click over to the right side of the dashboard to access your dashboard tools.

You’ll see a top menu with four options: sales, marketing, analytics, and support.

The first three options are self-explanatory, but the fourth option, support, gives you further access to resources that can help you out.

The support menu within your dashboard provides you with a place to find answers to your questions as well as access to special offers and discounts for our products.

Get Funneled

Now that you’re inside the dashboard, click over to the left side of the page to access your marketing funnels.

Here, you can create a new funnel or select an existing one and adjust its design as needed. Once you’ve created your funnel, you can add in the steps you need to get to the end – where you want to be headed. Remember, though, that each new step you add in will increase the landing page’s conversion.

Edit The Page’s Copy

On the right side of your marketing funnel, you’ll see a number of text-based areas that make up the page. When you first enter the landing page, you’ll see the header, which is the top section that contains your name, email address, and small bio. (Or, if you’ve chosen a different page, you may see a different header.)

The text within this area is what you’ll see at the beginning of each section of the page. But you don’t have to limit yourself to these six sentences. You can always add more content to engage your readers and make the page more interesting.

Adjust The Layout And Style

Once you’ve added content to your landing page, you can use the various components within the Dashboard to make it stand out. You can rearrange the order of the sections or styles used to create the page, add in some graphics, and even take advantage of some WordPress styling to give your page a polished look.

Create A Test Landing Page

Instead of just going with the flow and using the default options for your landing page, you can build upon what you know or what you’ve learned from previous pages to create a more effective landing page. You can always go back and make changes as you see fit.

Use The Analysis Tool

If you’re looking for an easy way to understand the performance of your web pages and campaigns, you can use the dashboard’s analysis tool. Enter a URL or page into the analysis tool, and you’ll see a concise report that breaks down the performance of that page (or URL). You can get detailed information on traffic sources, age, gender and location.

The information is presented in a graphical format that’s easy to understand, and you can even use the performance of a specific page or campaign as a benchmark for other pages or campaigns you create.

Get Other Useful Tools

You can use the Dashboard as a base for your marketing efforts, and, in addition to the tools mentioned above, you can access tools that can help you with specific tasks. For example, if you’re looking to target a specific area with your content or want to analyze the traffic coming to a specific page, you can use the Geolocation Tool to pinpoint the areas where your target audience is most likely to be found.

Use The Community

If you’re looking for an easy way to find answers to your questions or just want to be able to talk to someone about your marketing efforts, you can join our community of entrepreneurs who are thriving on the web. You can ask other members for help with specific tasks, such as creating a killer offer for a webinar or finding the right people to collaborate with on a marketing campaign. By engaging with our community, you’ll not only get the support you need to improve your marketing efforts, but you can also build a resource for future customers.

Take Advantage Of Special Offers

We know that everyone’s time is valuable, and we want to make sure that you get the most out of yours. If you’re not already a customer, there are plenty of offers that you can’t miss out on. From affiliate sales to discounts on hosting, we want to make sure that you make the most of these unique opportunities. To that end, we’ve put together a small list of discounts and special offers that can help you grow your business.


To log in and get started using the ClickFunnels dashboard, you can simply head over to https://clickfunnels.com and click the big blue “Log In” button. From there, you can follow the onscreen instructions.