Facebook is one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms around currently with over a billion active users each month. This is a place that people come to for news, to stay in touch with friends, and to share their adventures. If you’re looking to market your business on Facebook, then there are a variety of strategies that you can use to ensure that you reach the largest audience possible.

1. Post Regularly

One of the best ways to gain credibility with your audience and show that you’re a reliable source of information is to post regularly. To start, you should aim to post at least once every two weeks. If you have a funny anecdote or exciting news to share, then you should try to post at least once a week.

Facebook users love content that is consistent and frequent. They want to know that you’ll always keep the good content coming and that you’re not going to stop posting just because you’ve run out of things to say. Posting regularly shows that you’re committed to providing value and that you’re not just trying to hit a home run with a few well-written articles.

2. Engage With Your Audience

Another way to gain credibility with your audience and show that you’re a reliable source of information is to engage with your readers. You can do this by responding to comments on your posts or by starting your own conversation with your followers.

If someone posts a question about your products or services, you can answer it directly or try to guide them in the right direction. Similarly, you can ask questions of your own and encourage your readers to participate.

You can also use your Facebook page to host online workshops or webinars where you teach something new to your audience or where you answer questions in a live Q&A session. The webinar format works well because it allows you to add multimedia content such as video tutorials, presentations, and live music or talks by famous speakers.

3. Establish Yourself As An Expert

To establish yourself as an expert in your industry, simply post content that is both relevant to your followers and valuable. You can do this by sharing industry news, interesting tidbits about your niche, or useful tips or suggestions for your favorite products or services. If you have a fairly large following on Facebook, then you can become a thought leader in your industry and gain credibility by sharing valuable content regularly.

4. Be Confident

One of the main things that attract people to your Facebook page is your confidence and competence. Studies show that people are more likely to trust expert-like users with important information. So, by posting regularly and engaging with your audience, you’ll gain credibility and build trust which in turn, will encourage your followers to visit your page more often.

5. Use Videos

In addition to posting regularly, you can also use videos to attract and engage your audience. To establish yourself as an expert, you can use videos to explain your point of view on important industry topics. If you have a product or service that you want to promote, you can also create informative videos to show your clients how it works in practice.

Facebook videos are easy to make and simple to use. If you’re technically-inclined, you can even upload your own clips from your phone or computer directly to your Facebook page. Professional-looking videos that are less than two minutes long can gain a lot of traction on social media channels and can significantly boost your credibility as an expert in your industry. In fact, according to HubSpot Blogs research, videos get about twice as much engagement on Facebook as a basic photo.

With videos, you don’t necessarily need a professional camera to take great-looking content. Many smartphone cameras have high enough resolution to produce videos that look fairly decent. If you want to produce a professional-looking video, then you can hire a videographer or do it yourself with a simple editing program like Final Cut Pro.