When you created your ClickFunnels account, you probably went through a short registration process where you had to enter your billing information, including your credit card.

You then received an email from ClickFunnels with a link to click, which takes you to your Dashboard. You’ll see a small graphic at the top left of the page with your account information, including a tiny link to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

On the right side of the page, you’ll also see a form with your shipping information. Entering this information is necessary to actually process the order; once you submit the order, you’ll receive an email confirmation. The only other visible option at this point is the help link, which accesses an email support address.

It’s at this point that you might be thinking, “This form is pretty much complete. There’s no need to make it any better.”

But you’d be wrong. There’s actually a whole lot more you can do with this form to make it better.

The purpose of this article is to show you four more things you can do to improve the form at hand.

Use Video Tutorials To Explain How To Use The Form

One of the common complaints about the payment forms you find on the Internet is that they’re often quite complicated to use. In some cases, there’s more than one form to complete and the process of ordering something can be quite tedious.

Video tutorials are the perfect solution to this problem. Rather than explaining how to use the form in text, you can use a video to show you how to fill it out correctly, step by step. Because online video can be accessed at any time, you can also explain things as you’re going along, saving the user the frustration of figuring things out on their own.

You can use this strategy with your payment form too. When someone clicks on the link to your form in an email, they’ll see a video tutorial explaining how to use it. More importantly, seeing how to use the form effectively and correctly in an easy-to-follow video tutorial will not only make them more likely to use it, but it could also make them more inclined to make a purchase too.

Increase The Clarity Of The Instructions

Many times, when someone encounters a form like this one on the web, it’s because they’re either not very good at reading text or they have a visual impairment that prevents them from doing so. The problem is that when you have lengthy, text-filled forms like this one, it can be difficult to understand precisely what information you need to enter.

Try something like this when designing your forms: use text accompanied by icons, drop-down menus, or both. Icons are often used to represent various functions or buttons, while text is used to provide additional information. For example, rather than just having text that reads, “Please enter your billing information,” you could have an icon to represent a billing information box or, if you’re using multiple forms, you could even have an icon next to each form.

This allows for better clarity of instructions, because rather than having to follow lengthy text, you can simply hover the mouse over the icon or text to see what it is you need to enter. This is of course assuming that the user has an Internet connection, which is usually the case.

Add A Contact Number For Ordering

People hate to spend a lot of time on phone calls, especially when they’re trying to get something done online. In fact, according to HubSpot, users spend an average of 11 minutes per day on tasks that could be done remotely. Meaning they could be spending more time doing things they love, rather than being tied down by phone calls.

To help remedy this, you can add a phone number to the order form, specifically for customers to reach you by phone, rather than having to leave the page to make a call. This isn’t necessary in every case, but it could certainly be helpful for those who need help or have questions about the order, particularly if it’s during peak hours or if someone has trouble entering information due to low Internet speeds.

Add A Comment Box Below The Order Form

Last but not least, you can add a comment box below the order form, so that customers can leave feedback about their experience or ask any questions they might have about the order. This could be particularly helpful if you’re doing business over the Internet as there’s a good chance you’ll end up on a forum or social media site where customers can leave feedback.

This is also something that could be helpful if you’re reviewing products or services and would like to let the customer know how this item or service is performing, or if there’s anything else they need to know about before ordering it.

When it comes to eCommerce and online purchasing, there are many different strategies and tactics you can use to improve conversion rates and enhance customer experience. One of the most effective and simple ways to do this is by simply making the forms on your site easier to use. With the information and tips in this article, you can begin to improve your clickfunnels payment forms and begin to see increased conversion rates and customer satisfaction as a result.