Most companies need to sell more than just products to make a living. They also need to grow as businesses and make more money to sustain future initiatives. Finding a way to effectively sell products while also growing a business can be quite tricky! However, you can use technology to streamline the process and make it much less stressful. This blog post will discuss how to sell products with Infusionsoft & Clickfunnels, a free combination of software that makes it easy to establish an online store, build a list, and start selling your products.

Set Up Sales Funnels And Automate The Process

The first step to making sales using Infusionsoft & Clickfunnels is to set up a sales funnel. A sales funnel is a step-by-step guide that leads potential customers from the discovery of your product to a purchase. Each step in the funnel builds upon the previous one. To create a sales funnel, visit the dashboard of your Infusionsoft account and navigate to the Marketing section. From here, you can click the “+ New Funnel” button to bring up a contact form for your sales team to use.

Once you’ve set up your funnel, you can configure the next step of the process. For example, you may want to send an automated email at the conclusion of the funnel, or you may want to track the progress of the funnel from a pop-up reminder or an email follow-up.

Introduce Your Product To Your Target Audience Using Keywords

If you have one site, it’s likely that the focus is on one product. However, if you have multiple sites, each with their own focus, then the product that you introduce to the audience on one site may not be the same as the product that you promote on another site.

To ensure that your product gets found by the right audience, you should use keywords in your copy and throughout your site. When you setup your funnel, you’ll see a short drop-down menu that contains a variety of pre-made keywords. To find the right keywords, you can use free tools like Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Magic Tool. Once you’ve found the keywords, you can use them to optimize the landing pages of your site.

Use Landing Pages To Perfectly Present Your Product

A landing page, as the name implies, is a page that you visit after you’ve clicked a link or visited a site. When someone visits your site, there’s a good chance that they’ll land on a landing page. To make sure that they have the right information in mind when they land on your site, you should design your landing pages to perfection. To do this, you need to understand what makes your product special or unique in the eyes of the target audience. Once you know this, you can design your landing pages to present the information in an effective and fascinating manner.

Use Social Proof To Increase The Chance Of A Purchase

When you’re trying to convince someone to buy your product, the last thing that you need is for them to not buy your product because of lack of knowledge or experience. To ensure that people are confident in their purchase, you can use social proof in the form of customer reviews or testimonials. To create a review or testimonial, find a customer who liked your product and helped to promote it. You can also ask the customer for permission to use their review or testimonial on your site. The more positive reviews or testimonials that you have, the more likely someone will trust your product.

Evaluate Your Efforts Using Conversion Optimizers

Evaluating marketing efforts is difficult. There’s a lot of information to sift through, and trying to find the exact source of a problem can be quite stressful. However, you can use software to help you track the results of your efforts and pinpoint the source of the problem. Conversion optimizers, such as Google Analytics or Optimizely, allow you to see exactly what is and isn’t working, as well as how to make changes to improve the performance of your campaign.

Make Changes Based On Past Experiences

After you’ve setup automated processes for the sales and marketing funnel, the next step is to make changes based on your past experiences. Using Google Analytics or Optimizely, you can see exactly how previous changes affected the performance of your campaigns. For example, if you’ve noticed that a change to the design of your site improved the conversion rate, you can make similar changes in the future.

Use Up-To-Date Analytics.

Keeping up with the latest technology is critical if you want to remain in any sort of competitive situation. To track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, you need to use up-to-date software and tools. If you visit websites that are more than two years old, you’re sure to encounter an increasing amount of technical errors, which could ultimately cost you sales if you are not technologically prepared to fix them. Analytics software, such as Google Analytics or Optimizely, keeps up with the times by automatically detecting and fixing technical errors as they arise.

The first step in understanding how to sell products with Infusionsoft & Clickfunnels is to set up a sales funnel. Once you’ve done that, you can use landing pages to present your product in the best possible manner. To increase the chance of a purchase, you can use social proof in the form of customer reviews or testimonials and use conversion optimizers to track the results of your efforts. Once you’ve evaluated your results, you can determine what changes you should make and then, with a little bit of effort, you can grow your business.