When you sign up for a ClickFunnels account, you’re given the option to add an affiliate badge to your site. Naturally, you’ll want to remove this annoying nag screen from your site as soon as possible. Here’s how to do it.

The Badges Dashboard

You can access your badges from the dashboard. To get there, click on the small menu button in the top right corner of the screen. From here, you can choose to view your badges for the current month or the last three months.

You’ll see something like this:

If you want to remove the badge from your site, simply click on the X next to it.

You’ll then be returned to your dashboard, where you can choose to view your site or to continue shopping.


Like with many other parts of the account, you can customize the look of your badges by editing the associated CSS file. The file name is `badges.css`, and it can be found at the root of your website. Luckily, the CSS is quite simple, so even a beginner should be able to change the look without too much trouble. (You can also find a copy in the theme directory of your WordPress install.)

The CSS defines a few different elements for the badges:

  • The background color
  • The text color
  • The border color
  • The hover color (optional)

You can make these elements the same color as the body text by changing the `color` property of those elements. You can also apply a different color for the background, border, and text by changing the `background-color`, `border-color`, and `color` properties respectively. You can use a different font by changing the `font-family` property of those elements.

Redirecting To The Homepage

If you’ve installed the OnePixel plugin, you’ll notice that when you click on an affiliate link, the page automatically reverts to the homepage. If you don’t want to lose your place in the middle of your site’s content, you can edit the plugin’s settings to point to a different page. (The homepage can still be the default option, but you can point to anything else using this method.)

You’ll see a small icon for OnePixel in your dashboard’s menu bar when you’re logged in. To access the settings, click on it and then click on Pages in the menu that appears.

Here you can choose which page to redirect to when an affiliate link is clicked. You can also use this feature to make your homepage the default landing page for your site (but don’t worry — you don’t need to change the setting on every affiliate link).

Removing The Badge From Individual Links

If you’re not keen on redirection, you can remove the affiliate badge from individual links by looking at the HTML code for those links. If you visit the individual link’s page, you’ll notice that there’s no longer a badge to distract you from the content. You don’t need to remove the badge from every link — you can remove it from the major shopping links on your site (such as eBay, Amazon, and Stripe) and leave the others as they are.

To Sum It Up

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about removing the badge from your site. If you’ve followed the steps above, you’ll have no problem removing the irritating nag screen from your site. (And if you haven’t — well, now’s the time to start learning!) You can also find a copy of the CSS below.

You’ll need to apply this exact same technique to remove the other elements attached to your account. Some of them are trickier to get rid of than the badge, so you might end up having to create a few custom CSS rules. Still, it’s not difficult — and it’ll definitely be worth it in the end.