Most people have heard of clickfunnels, and many have used it, but few realize just how much it costs to use and how fad it is. The irony isn’t lost on us, either. The product is named after the famed Richard Simmons, who popularized the three-step program that helped countless people lose weight. The irony is that while clickfunnels have helped many lose weight and become healthier, the cost of using it can actually cause them to gain weight.

Does It Realistically Deliver On Its Promises?

Before we delve into the review, it’s important to note that we only cover things that we think might be beneficial to our readers. We don’t always agree with the reviews that we read, but we always try to review something that is objective and honest.

Now, on to the product. Does ClickFunnels deliver on its promises? Let’s take a look.

  • Streamlined account creation
  • Email marketing in real time
  • Actionetics (a.k.a. the CRM)—for marketers, this is a must-have
  • Sales funnels (aka landing pages and funnels)

Account Creation

Let’s start with the good, because account creation is pretty slick. You can use the tool to either create a new account or to join an existing one. Depending on how you use it, you can either create a standalone website or a blog while using the tool, and all of this can be done in a matter of minutes. Once you have your account, you can start using the tool to build out your site or blog. You won’t need to know a lot about web design in order to accomplish this, and you’ll have all the help you need within the tool.

Email Marketing In Real Time

What intrigues us about email marketing in real time is that you can have multiple email marketing campaigns running at the same time. This is a feature that a lot of other email marketing platforms lack. Even if you do have that feature, you have to go through a lot of steps in order to set up campaigns and track results. With ClickFunnels, setting up email marketing is as simple as dragging and dropping a few elements on a web page, and then you’re ready to go. You can even set up autoresponders so that every time you send an email, it gets automatically responded to.

Actionetics (a.k.a. the CRM)

If you’re looking to get a head start with email marketing, then you might want to check out Actionetics, which is ClickFunnels’ CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. Actionetics is all about taking the pain out of customer relations, and it’s a must-have tool for any business that does a lot of customer outreach via email. With Actionetics, you can setup automated emails (aka drip campaigns) that can be sent out as often as you like. And you can tag potential customers with specific behavior so that you can send them personalized messages based on what they’ve done before—this way you’ll know exactly how to engage with them and how to keep them coming back for more.

Sales Funnels, Or, How to Make Your Website An Instrument Of Sales

If you’ve been reading our blog for any amount of time, then you probably know that we love a good sales funnel. We believe that a properly designed sales funnel can help any business, regardless of size, to achieve sustainable growth.

When we talk about sales funnels, we’re not talking about fancy funnels that look like they came out of a design studio. We’re talking about basic and plain ol’ funnels—the kind you can find in any WordPress or E-Commerce platform. This is where you enter your affiliate products or services, and then you build your sales funnel from there.

On this front, ClickFunnels delivers as promised. You have all the tools you need to build a functional sales funnel, and then some. One of the great things about ClickFunnels is how much they offer in terms of functionality for free as part of their standard plan. Even if you don’t run an online store, you’ll still find a use for Actionetics and the rest of the toolset within the standard plan.

Overall Review Rating: 4.9/5

Overall, we were fairly impressed with ClickFunnels. Even if you’re looking for a basic tool, you’ll find a use for it. We were especially pleased to see that they offer a free trial, and we think that, in general, people who are open to new things should give them a try.