Do you want to create a transparent background for your clickfunnels landing page?

Creating a transparent background for your clickfunnels landing page is a great way to make it more enjoyable for your users. Studies show that a transparent background significantly increases the trustworthiness of an online merchant or brand. When users believe you can be trusted, they are more likely to buy your products or utilize your services without fearing they might get scammed (think pop up ads, fake offers, etc).

In this blog post, you’ll discover step-by-step instructions on how to create a transparent landing page background for your clickfunnels account. The instructions can be applied to any WordPress site but are tailored to work with clickfunnels.

Why Transparent Backgrounds Are Strong

In general, people are more trusting of businesses and websites they believe are more transparent. According to HubSpot Blogs research, people are more likely to trust a business or website that is more transparent.

When users encounter a transparent landing page, it shows them the company or brand is being honest and open about what they offer and how they operate. In a world full of scam and dishonesty, this can be a breath of fresh air for your users.

On the other hand, opaque backgrounds can be deceptive. If a business has an opaque landing page, it can be difficult to determine what is real and what is fake. In the eyes of the user, all you will ever be able to show is a faint outline of what is behind the page. Not exactly the best way to make your user feel comfortable. Opaque backgrounds can even lead to a decrease in revenue for a business as users are less likely to believe an online merchant or brand when they see opaque text and loud patterns and colors. Everything can look like a scam.

How to Create a Transparent Background for Your ClickFunnels Landing Page

If you use a service like clickfunnels, the background set up for your landing page is already transparent. All you need to do is simply add your website or blog address at the bottom of the page. This will make your website accessible from anywhere on any device including your phone, tablet or laptop. If you set up your background through clickfunnels, simply go to Settings → Backgrounds and click the “Edit Background” button.

If you’re not using clickfunnels, you can download the free, WordPress SEO app (formerly known as Yoast SEO) from Through this app you can manage all the settings for your blog, including the background.

A quick tip before we begin: If you are using an app like WordPress to manage the settings for your blog, make sure you have “Show hidden posts” checked so your blog’s archives are not hidden from view. You can also choose to “hide posts that aren’t performing well” so you don’t have to worry about annoying your readers with posts they aren’t interested in.

Once you are in the WordPress SEO app, click on the Settings tab at the top of the page.

Look for the heading “Backgrounds” and click the “+” symbol to the right of it. This will open up a menu with several background options. Select the “None” option under the Default heading. As we mentioned above, all you need to do is type your website or blog URL at the bottom of every page on your site.

When you do this, you will create a link from your web address to anywhere on the WordPress platform. This will make your site accessible from anywhere, even if you don’t have an Internet connection. Your users will not be able to tell that they are on a webpage when they click on your address because they will be directed to the WordPress platform.

Add More Transparency

If you have more than one webpage on your site that you want to provide an identical look and feel, it’s time to add some transparency to the mix. Simply go to Settings → General and change the “Site address” from “” to “” or “” for a localized site. You can also choose to use sub-domains like “” to create separate front-facing sites for each location.

When you make these changes, you will start to see a small dot on the left-hand side of your browser window when you are navigating. These dots indicate that you are on a secured HTTPS website. If you see a yellow warning symbol to the right of the dot, the site is not secure. Be careful about typing your personal information into any online forms on non-secure websites.

The Dot Effect

Did you know that simply by having a dot on your browser’s home page, you can increase your site’s transparency? All you need to do is create a shortcut to any page on your site in your browser’s bookmark bar. Bookmarking a page on your site means it will always be easily accessible. When users click on their browser’s home page, they will see your website’s URL at the top of the page. Below it, they will see their web browser’s search bar. To the right of the search bar, there should be a small “d” or “p” next to the URL. When multiple webpages have a dot, it indicates they are all transparent.

This feature is extremely convenient as it makes it easy for your users to find what they are looking for on your site. In our example above, we have created a shortcut to our “How to Create a Transparent Background ClickFunnels Landing Page?” guide in our browser’s bookmark bar. When users click on their browser’s home page, they will see a small “d” or “p” next to our guide’s URL.

This is also where you will want to put your email sign-up form. Make sure to place the form at the very end of your homepage so it does not disrupt the flow of information from top to bottom. When users have to click a “Submit” button to send an email, they will have already provided their name and email address.

Choosing a custom background for your website or blog can be pretty intimidating. There are many different steps involved in making this process easier. From selecting a solid color to finding the right images to the actual customization process, we have collected the steps so you can create a transparent background for your website or blog without too much effort. If you end up choosing a free service like Google Cloud, you can even upload your own images to the background and text to create a completely unique look for your site.