You’ve probably heard a lot about affiliate marketing over the last few years, and that’s probably because it’s a fairly easy way to make money online. All you have to do is sell a product (or service) and earn compensation when someone clicks a link or buys a product that’s promoted on your blog or website.

This model can be effective, but it requires a lot of effort to generate leads. You have to create content to attract potential customers, and you have to continuously maintain and improve your blog or website. Even then, you might not see results right away. Building a business that relies on affiliate marketing requires a lot of patience.

If you’re looking to jumpstart your affiliate marketing career, you have various options. One of the newer and more promising affiliate marketing platforms is Lead Generation Platforms. Developed by HubSpot, Lead Generation Platforms allow you to create and manage lead forms directly from within the platform. They also provide you with a massive library of pre-made templates that you can modify as needed. By creating leads, you’ll be able to get a handle on how many conversions you’re able to get from each template. That way, you can determine which ones are performing the best and most successfully.


One of the main reasons why Lead Generation Platforms are becoming so popular is because of their impressive feature set. First off, they offer a massive library of pre-made templates that you can modify and use as needed. This is a huge time-saver, as you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to create a lead form.

The feature set also includes all the basic functionalities you’d expect from a lead generation platform. You can create leads, allocate them to specific projects, and track the results of your efforts. What’s more is that they also offer some specialized features that you might not find in other software.


One of the biggest selling points of Lead Generation Platforms is how inexpensive they are compared to other lead generation platforms. While building out your lead form, you’ll only need to pay for a small slice of web hosting, under $5 per month. The rest of the costs (e.g. the template library, leads, and shipping) are all included in the price.

We mentioned above that Lead Generation Platforms offer a large library of pre-made templates. Those templates are completely free to use, but they need to be registered for for the full benefits to be realized. This is done by simply uploading the template and completing a few simple steps. Upon registration, you’ll have full access to the library and templates. What’s more is that you can download all the templates (legally) in CSV format, so you can easily import them into your own preferred lead generation software.


Another selling point of Lead Generation Platforms is how much security they provide. One of the risks that entrepreneurs and businesses face is having their data stolen. Using a free software like HubSpot, anyone could have access to your entire database, including leads. What’s great about Lead Generation Platforms is that they offer various levels of security, from basic to advanced. The more you pay for, the more security features you get.

The bottom line is that Lead Generation Platforms remove a lot of the guesswork out of lead generation. By using pre-made templates and integrating with popular business software, you’ll have a better idea of how much effective the leads you’re generating are going to be. At a time when so much is going digital, connecting with prospective customers online is easier than ever.

If you’re looking to generate leads for the purpose of selling a product or service, consider investing in a lead generation platform. Using a tool like HubSpot, you can get up and running quickly and easily, without having to worry about complicated settings or templates.