You’ve accidentally deleted a key page in your funnel. How do you go back and restore it? The answer might be simpler than you think…

Let’s assume that you’ve been working on a funnels for a while and you’ve gotten to the point where you could potentially generate some profits from it. You’ve decided to build a funnels for a clothing brand because you know people in your area would really benefit from owning a piece of clothing that suits them. You’ve created high-quality content to build up a following on Facebook and other social media platforms, and you’ve even managed to get a couple of key affiliates to help with the promotion of your funnel. One day, you wake up and clickfunnels has deleted your entire clothing funnel. What do you do?

The first step in putting things right is to simply go back and re-create the funnel from scratch. You start by building the same high-quality content that you had previously created. Then, you connect with the same key affiliates that you had been working with previously. When you connect with new people, make sure that you tell them that this is a restored funnel (preferably with a nice graphic that indicates that it was previously deleted).

If you want to completely erase the evidence of the “missing” funnel, you can create a new social media account and name your restored funnel after your old one. Then, post a message on your restored account that says something like “Hey, everyone! I’ve been missing for a while, but I’m back and better than ever. You can now follow my new account for all my latest content.”

If you want to keep things simple, you can use to shorten your website’s URL and use your new Twitter account to tweet about your new clothing line. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to restore things back to normal.

Create a New Funnel From Scratch

To begin with, you will need to create a new funnel from scratch. You do this by going to the “Dashboard” section of clickfunnels and then choosing the “Create New Funnel” button. You’ll see a blue button with the text “Create New Funnel” underneath it. This is where you can start a new funnel from scratch.

To create a new funnel, you’ll need to enter a name for your new funnel in the appropriate field. Then, you’ll want to set the goal for your new funnel as you would any other. For this example, we’ll use $5,000 per month.

After that, you’ll want to set the end date for your new funnel. When you create a new funnel, you can’t change the end date of an existing one. You’ll either need to cancel the existing plan or ask the customer if they’re willing to extend it by a few months.

When you’ve finished creating your new funnel, you can extend it with a free trial. This will give you a chance to test out your new funnel to see if it generates any sales. If you decide that it’s not doing well, you can cancel the extension and lose the fees that you’ve paid for it. However, if it does perform well, you can decide to keep it and build on it.

Connect With The Same Key Affiliates

Now that you’ve got your new funnel created, the next step is to connect with the same key affiliates that you’ve been working with previously. To do this, you’ll need to visit the “Membership” section of the click-funnels dashboard and choose the “Connect With Affiliates” dropdown menu. You’ll see three tabs at the top: “Recruitment”, “Retention” and “Referral”.

The first and most important step in connecting with key affiliates is to choose a “Keyword” in the “How Do You Want To Be Able To Reach People?” field. For this example, we’ll use “clothing”.

Then, you’ll want to choose a “Type of Content” in the “What Kind of Content Will You Produce?” field. For this example, we’ll choose “Videos”.

The content that you create should be in line with the affiliate program that you’re connected to, otherwise, you may find that you’re not getting credited for your efforts.

After that, you’ll want to choose a “Creator Campaign” in the “Which One of These Platforms Do You Want To Use For Your Campaign?” field. For this example, we’ll choose “Twitter”.

With these four pieces of information, you can create a successful Twitter campaign to promote your new clothing line. You’ll want to set the Twitter handle for your account to be the same as your website’s URL (e.g. Then, you can begin to build out your Twitter strategy to reach the right audience.

Use Existing Content To Build Up An Audience

If you’ve already created content for your website or blog that’s designed to entertain or educate your audience, you can repurpose this content into a video that you can use to promote your new clothing line. For this example, let’s say that you’ve got a blog post on your website that covers a variety of topics from fashion to pop culture. You can use this blog post to create a short video that discusses a single topic (in this case, fashion).

To create a short video, you’ll want to use a tool like “Canva” to connect with your smartphone’s camera and share your excitement about your new clothing line through beautiful visuals and an upbeat voice.

Once you’ve got your video created, you can choose to either upload it to a content sharing platform like YouTube or attach it to an email and send it out to your email list.

You can also choose to create thumbnail versions of your videos in case someone tries to visit the blog post but doesn’t see the video. Thumbnail versions of your videos will help attract more people to your content and increase the odds that they’ll visit your blog post.

Curate A List Of Influencers To Follow

To continue building out your Twitter strategy, you can also choose to curate a list of influential people that you think will benefit your clothing line the most. You do this by going to the “Membership” section of the click-funnels dashboard and choosing the “Curated Lists” button.

This will present you with a list of Twitter accounts. You can either choose to follow these accounts or compile a list of your own. Then, you can begin to build a following of your own on Twitter by sharing valuable content.

Get A Free Consultation From A Professional

If you’re still unsure about how to go about building a Twitter account for your clothing line, you can get a free consultation from a professional to help you develop a strategy and execute it. To get this consultation, you can either choose to wait for someone to become available or you can contact the support team directly.

The important thing is that you begin to make the right moves toward building a successful Twitter account. By doing this, you’ll be able to establish credibility and show your customers that you’re a trusted source for information about your industry.

You may not be able to completely undo a delete in clickfunnels, but you can certainly go back and try to fix things as best you can. Then, use the knowledge that you’ve gained from this effort to create a better, more profitable funnel in the future.