You can now test the Clickfunnels software and platform in “test mode”. This means that all features and options are enabled, and you will be able to go through the full process of setting up a new funnel and testing out your campaigns without risking any damage to your actual accounts. Please note that test mode is intended for use solely by experienced members of the community with administrative access to their accounts. It is not intended for use by anyone else, as enabling this feature could result in the loss of some data.

What is Test Mode?

With test mode, you are able to go through the process of creating a new funnel and setting up automated campaigns without actually paying for the funnels. Instead, you are using a “test user” who has been pre-authorized to receive test emails from PayPal, and has been granted access to a temporary limited account. This test user does not have to exist in real life, as you are able to create as many as you need for testing.

When you are in test mode, you will see a yellow indicator in the top right corner of the screen to identify that you are in this mode. To switch back to “live mode” where you can conduct real transactions and tests, simply log out of test mode and switch to live mode. You can also enable / disable test mode from the settings page.

Why Should You Test Your Funnels In Test Mode?

You should test your funnels in test mode for several reasons:

  • To get a feel for how the platform works
  • To find any glitches or errors that may exist before launching into production
  • To have real-world examples to follow (where possible)
  • As a safety precaution
  • To find out how many emails may be sent out before your budget is exhausted
  • As you are learning how to use the platform, it’s best to do so from the viewpoint of a “tester” who does not have to worry about losing any data.

How Do I Enable Test Mode?

To enable test mode, navigate to Settings > API Keys and Copy the “Test API Key”. Alternatively, you can go through the Settings area of the application, and click the button that says “Create Test User”. This will create a test user for you with a temporary password.

Now that test mode is enabled, you can follow the prompts to create a new funnel.

You will be taken through a brief tutorial on How to Use the Clickfunnels Platform, and then be prompted to enter a new password for your test user. Enter this password, and click “Create Account”.

You will then be redirected back to the main page of the application, where you can begin setting up your funnel. For more information on using the platform, check out the Getting Started guide, located in the documentation area of the site.

What If I’m Using A Template?

If you are using a template for your funnel, you need to make sure that you are not using the “live” version. This is because the template contains files that are meant for live use, and will result in your actual account being penalized if you are not careful. To ensure that you are not charged for the template, log out of the application and switch to “test mode”. From here, navigate to Settings and Select the “Allow testing” option. This will allow you to use the funnel template without risking any penalties from PayPal.

If you are still unsure on how to enable test mode, please contact Support and we will be happy to assist you.