You have a brand new product, an incredible offer, or just want to send out an email to give something away. No matter what the reason is, you need an Autoresponder set up on your blog or website.

What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a series of emails that you send out to customers to encourage them to return or subscribe to your email list. When someone signs up for your list, you send them a welcome email that contains content about your product, service, or offer. You can also use this email to introduce yourself as the leader of the company or brand and to encourage them to get involved with your business.

After you have welcomed them, you ask them to confirm their email address so you can continue the communication. If they don’t, you can’t expect them to hear your next email. You must continue the automation.

Why do I need an autoresponder?

1. Growing your email list

One of the primary reasons for having an autoresponder is to grow your email list. When you sign up for a list of popular email services like MailChimp or Gmail, you will see a lot of pop-ups or ads that want to sell you affiliate products. These products are most likely related to the service you are using, so it is in your best interest to ignore them.

If you use an autoresponder to grow your email list, you won’t have to worry about these pop-ups or ads because your subscribers will see them as marketing messages from you. When someone subscribes to your list, you will automatically know because you’ll see a confirmation message from Hotmail, Gmail, or another service.

Additionally, you can use the welcome email you send to new subscribers to introduce yourself and your business. The email can contain affiliate links that will help the reader understand the relationship between you and your business and maybe even make the sale.

More Engagement

Another advantage of having an autoresponder is to create more engagement with your readers. Just imagine for a moment that you have a blog with hundreds of thousands of monthly readers. If you’re not sending out automated emails, you’ll probably never know what they’re thinking or how they are reacting to your content. You can engage with your readers by asking questions, adding more useful information, or even giving them a discount on your product. If you have a big enough email list, you can also use it to send out daily or weekly emails featuring helpful advice, tips, or news about your industry.

An autoresponder is a useful tool for creating more engagement with your audience. Think about all of the times that you’ve gotten a useful information or tip from a blog post or social media outlet? Perhaps you’ve even made a purchase because of a tweet, Facebook post, or status update?

You can’t expect someone to take action and click on a link or buy a product if you don’t even bother to acknowledge them when they do something useful or amazing.

By encouraging your readers to engage with you through your emails, you’ll gain a better understanding of their needs and wants. When you send out emails in response to comments, questions, and other engagement, you show your readers that you value their time and that you want to keep the conversation going.

Improved Marketing Automation

One more advantage of an automated email marketing campaign is that you can use it to set up automated email marketing campaigns. You can set the frequency of your automated emails and, when you do, you won’t have to worry about sending too many or too few. The number of subscribers you have will determine the frequency of the emails you send out.

When you use an autoresponder for marketing, you don’t necessarily need a special tool to get started. You can use one of the many simple to use email marketing tools available today.

However, if you want to take your email marketing to the next level and want to set up automated email marketing campaigns with autoresponders, you’ll need a tool that can help you manage the flow of your email blasts, analyze the results of your campaign, and provide you with tons of useful information.

In summary, the key reasons for having an autoresponder are to grow your email list, engage with your readers, and set up automated marketing campaigns.